1992 Bill Clinton

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Clinton reaches out to supporters at the Wisconsin State Capitol during a campaign stop on March 28, 1992. Clinton is flanked by former Assembly Speaker Tom Loftus, left, and current Speaker Walter Kunicki.

L. ROGER TURNER - Wisconsin State Journal archives

Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton came out on top in Wisconsin's 1992 Democratic primary election, narrowly defeating former California Gov Jerry Brown 37%-35%. Clinton went on to win the Democratic nomination and to win Wisconsin in the general election. He defeated incumbent President George H. W. Bush in November, thanks in part to the third-party candidacy of Texas billionaire businessman Ross Perot.

Wisconsin Democratic primary election results

  • Date: April 7, 1992
  • Winner: Bill Clinton
  • Votes for: 287,356 (37%)

Wisconsin general election results

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  • Date: Nov. 3, 1992
  • Winner: Bill Clinton
  • Votes for: 1,041,066 (41%)
  • National winner: Bill Clinton

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