1984 Gary Hart

Madison Fire Department Captain Ted Ryan gives a lapel pin to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Gary Hart during a March 3, 1986 campaign stop in the city. Rep. Robert Kastenmeier (D-Beaver Dam) looks on.

A. CRAIG BENSON - Wisconsin State Journal archives

Colorado Sen. Gary Hart won Wisconsin's 1984 presidential primary, narrowly defeating former Vice President Walter Mondale 44-41. However, that year the state Democratic Party also held a caucus four days after the primary which reversed the result of the nonbinding primary's vote, handing the state to Mondale instead.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, the first African American to be a serious national contender for president, won 10 percent of the Democratic primary vote that year as well.

Wisconsin nonbinding Democratic primary election results

  • Date: April 3, 1984
  • Winner: Gary Hart
  • Votes for: 282,435 (44%)
  • Runners up: Walter Mondale (41%), Jesse Jackson (10%)

Wisconsin Democratic caucus results

  • Date: April 7, 1984
  • Winner: Walter Mondale (54%)
  • Runners up: Gary Hart (29%), Jesse Jackson (15%)

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Wisconsin general election results

  • Date: Nov. 6, 1984
  • Winner: Ronald Reagan
  • Votes for: 1,198,800 (54%)
  • National winner: Ronald Reagan

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