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Hello! Here is a quick Step Challenge update before we get to my obligatory screed. After an inert vacation (I totaled in my entire off week what I had been stepping in a day), walking began anew. I swear as J.T., Travis and I walked in the early morning deluge Monday that we saw the Ark Encounter float past us on Lexington Street. Make no mistake - for the Step Challenge, we are in it to win it. Now on to the rant...

At least Prince only did it once. No, not die, you ghouls. Change his name. To be specific, Prince Rogers Nelson changed his name from alphabetical to hieroglyphical. As in, a symbol. Yes, the “Artist Formerly Known as Prince” era were dark musical times, indeed. More time was spent making fun of his identity than on his music.

That, Ladies and Gentlemen, was the laborious windup for this equally contorted pitch. Sean Combs (Yes, that is how he was called to the dinner table as a child) has yet again changed his name.

For those keeping score, the artist formerly known as Sean Combs has changed his name to Diddy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy and Puffy during the course of his career. After contemplation, however, he announced last week he has again changed how he would like to be referred.

Sean's new moniker? Brother Love. Not to be confused with Buddy Love, Jerry Lewis' alter ego in the classic comedy "The Nutty Professor."

Explains the Artist Formerly Known as Sean, Puff Daddy, Diddy, P., Puffy and so on, “I decided to change my name again. I’m just not who I am before. I’m something different.”

Which is perfectly fine. How many of us have changed our hair, clothing, or lifestyle to reflect the maturation that comes with age or a weekend in Vegas?

The newly minted Mr. Love has taken some heat from wrestling fans, who put the pile driver to Twitter to inform His Puffiness the newly chosen appellation was first worn by Bruce Prichard, the original Brother Love.

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Others have done it before. At least John Cougar has (so far) kept his antics within his given name. From John Cougar to John Cougar Mellencamp to John Mellencamp to the Notorious JCM (just kidding), John has kept his identity crisis on the branches of his family tree. I suppose Combs could have a lineage of Puffys, Diddys and Daddys from which to choose (of course there were Daddys - isn't that how biology works?), but you get my meaning.

Perhaps I should adopt a new name that better reflects my Inner Self. Try these out for size: Buff Studly. Ricardo de Amore. Stu Deus Lee (Get it? Studiously!). Fine. Just call me Robert.

In the final analysis, one’s name does not define you. Unless it is Killer Von Psychopath, in which case your destiny might be skewed. Otherwise, Sue, Chad, Betty, Martin and Bob, don't let your given name steer your life. Let your actions guide you. Leave the subject of what you are called to your peers. Though not always kind, they are usually more imaginative about those things, anyway.



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