Today, Saturday, Jan. 19, marks the 70th anniversary of Maysville's largest-ever troop departure.

Allan Pumpelly, 90, was one of those 58 men called up for active duty in World War II. The men were given orders to depart from the train depot on Jan. 19, 1943. 

Allan has been commemorating the anniversary of the departure for 40 years.  He said he marks the occasion every 10 years by submitting his photo to the newspaper, giving local residents a chance to reflect back on those who served their country.

Allan said he is aware of only three of the men, himself included, who are still living.  The other two men are Robert W. Tuel of Germantown and Harvey H. Bussell of Maysville.

Allan said he has tried to track down the others, but has had limited luck.  He said he knows some are deceased, but he has lost track of how to locate others, since they apparently moved from the area long ago.  Allan said with the passage of this 70th anniversary, he would like help from the public in his efforts to determine how many of the men are still alive and where they live.

The men in the picture were summoned by Uncle Sam on Jan. 12, 1943.

The 58-man group was the largest to leave Mason County at one time, he said.

The heading on Allan's order reads -- Detachment 1511th Service Unit, Medical Examination and Induction Board No. 7, 424 East 4th Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. Special Order Number 242.  "Effective Jan. 19, 1943, each of the above enlisted men of the Enlisted Reserve Corps, is recalled to active duty and will proceed from Maysville, Kentucky, to Fort Thomas, Kentucky, reporting to the commanding officer, reception center, thereat for duty." The letter is signed by First Lieutenant Charles Sexton of the 1st Infantry.

"The Quartermaster will furnish the necessary transportation and meal tickets.  Travel directed is necessary in the military service and is chargeable to FD 34 P 434-02 A 0425-23. (58 mean, LB #118, Mason County, Kentucky.)"

According to Allan, none of the men in the group were killed in battle, but two of their number died during the war. One man was killed during training, another was killed while home on leave.

Allan served three years in World War II.  He was sent to Guadalcanal, the largest island in the Solomons, for four months after the island was secured from Japan by American forces. The battle of Guadalcanal started eight months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and took six months to secure the island.

In all, Allan spent 29 months oversees after completing basic training in California.

In January 1944, he was sent to the island of Bougainville in the South Pacific as part of the American invasion against Japanese forces.

On Jan. 9, 1945, Allied forces invaded The Philippine island of Luzon; the largest Philippine island and home of its capital, Manila.  Allan was sent to fight in the Luzon invasion, which ended Aug. 15, 1945.

Allan was in an anti-aircraft division, responsible for "taking care of anything (flying) under 5,000 feet."

He was discharged from active duty on Jan. 12, 1946 with a rank of Private First Class.

 Anyone with information about the men in the photo is asked to contact Allan at 606-882-2265.

This picture was taken at the C&O depot on Jan. 19, 1943. In no particular order; John D. Booton, Charles D. Cox Jr., George P. Weber, Bennie R. Cracraft, Eugene B. Mattingly, Richard F. Williams, James P. Marshall, Clinton D. Hinson, Glenn A. Mastin, Allan B. Pumpelly, William E. Russell, Charlton R. Key, James H. Peak, Robert S. Noe, Thomas M. Lashbrooke, Alton B. Brierly, Preston H. Tully, James B. Maley, Donald H. Root, William P. Guy, Elgin L. Gardner, Woodrow Bolar, Walter L. Bradford, Harvey L. Darnell, Henry S. Douglas, Paul H. Shepherd, Harvey H. Bussell, Owens R. Farris, Winzle R. Brown, Amos B. Beckett, Joe W. Buckley, Clyde Eshom, Thurman Bolar, Raymond E. Grigson, William E. Teneray, Walter D. Smoot, Robert R. Combess, William S. Hord, Nelson B. Allen, William F. Boling, Chester E. Ripato, Paul G. Brothers, Theodore Mastin, John K. Gantley, Clarence F. DeAtley, Grover L. Purcell, Pete L. McHugh, Ruben M. Harney, Spencer A. Boggus, Lawrence McKibben Sr., William H. Lancaster, Adrian B. Toy, Earl H. Graybill, William E. Wood, Robert W. Tuel, Estile E. Blythe and James C. Bothman.

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