Robert Roe

Sunday was a day when ordinary Americans became extraordinary Americans. A maniac, for whatever perverted reason, decided to open fire on 22,000 of us at a Jason Aldean performance during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas. And as usual, the worst of the one brought out the best of the many in the face of unspeakable violence.

Stories have surfaced of police who directed concertgoers to safety before running into the line of fire … the husband who guided his wife to safety, only to be struck down. Or the band member on stage calling a loved one to say his goodbyes.

I know I am not the only one who teared up at the story of the woman who stayed by the side of and gave comfort to a man as he lay dying.

Americans, despite what our national media would like us to believe, rose to the challenge. Scores of people lined up to donate blood to the hospitals caring for the 500-plus injured. A crowd-funder campaign set up for the victims has collected millions of dollars in donations and shows sign of slowing.

The LV County sheriff held a press conference, knowing one of his men, off duty, was killed in the assault.

Political opportunists were quick to raise gun control issues before the smoke cleared. If you believe in Hell, there is a special place for these ghouls. Obama apparatchik Rahm Immanuel famously said, “never let a crisis go to waste.” As Chicago mayor, Rahm has overseen weekly homicide rates in the double digits. Has the media covered it in the breathless manner they do atrocities like Las Vegas?

Nah. Because loss of life is only significant when it propels an agenda. Like Hillary “I’ll Never Be President” Clinton croaking out dusty bromides about gun control while the victim’s bodies are still warm.

I hope anyone with a soul feels their skin crawl at Hill’s callous political automaton response to a national tragedy. Wanted to be the Leader of the Free World? She’s not fit to clean First Responder’s toilets. With a toothbrush. Travel size.

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As for Colin and the group of NFL players who think it is their patriotic duty to dismiss the American Flag by taking a knee during the National Anthem in protest of police brutality, here are a couple of thoughts:

Not all cops are bad. Las Vegas over the past week has been a sizzle reel of their finest. And if you really had the courage of your convictions, you would sit football games out altogether. It might give your display more impact if you risk your paycheck instead of bravely risking grass stains.

In a similar situation I would like to think I would take the heroic stance and shield my compatriots from harm with my body (this much fat should offer some protection, shouldn't it?). Yet one never knows until they are in the situation – a situation I hope to never face.

I would never insult you with hoary bromides regarding the fragility of life, nor would I presume to implore you to live each second as if it were your last. In the end, life is always about choices. For me, I just hope I would act in a way that would save lives and make my parents and fellow citizens proud.


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