WEST UNION, Ohio — An Adams County, Ohio, grand jury has handed down indictments against eight Adams County residents and a Dayton, Ohio man on charges related to drugs, weapons possession, nonsupport and theft.

Included were the alleged participants in copper theft from an Adams County salvage yard, Ryan's Grocery and Adams County Water Company. Investigating a May 26 theft of copper from Sunset Salvage, Adams County sheriff's deputies discovered the scrap copper had allegedly been sold to a different salvage company by Shannon Casebolt of Winchester, Ohio and Charles R. Tumey of Seaman, Ohio; the pair were also alleged perpetrators of the initial break-in and theft.

The following day, Ryan's Grocery reported a male customer entered the store and took cigarettes and $25 from the cash register. Casebolt allegedly distracted the store owner while James Miller of Seaman allegedly committed the theft and fled.

A theft of two chain saws, gas and brass from Adams County Water Company, from the office at the Panhandle, allegedly showed Casebolt, Tumey, Miller and Winnie Gullette of Seaman committing the burglary.

Miller was indicted for theft and breaking and entering; Casebolt, complicity to breaking and entering; Gullette, complicity to breaking and entering; and Tumey, breaking and entering.

Also indicted were: Karla Conley, Island Creek Road, West Union, possession of drugs; Jeremy Tackett, 50, West Union, theft and forgery; Michael Wilson, West Union, carrying a concealed weapon; Brian Brown, Dayton, nonsupport; Dale Hunt, West Union, possession of drugs with specification and carrying a concealed weapon.

Arrests have also been made of:

Anthony Wayne Alcorn, 32, using weapons while intoxicated; Kenneth R. Bennington, 38, DUI; Jeffery L. Black, 42, theft; Donna J. Brumley, 25, persistent disorderly conduct; Charles Ryan Canada, 23, failure to appear; Cheryl L. Foster, menacing and disorderly conduct; Fatina M. Fussnecker, 27, jail in lieu of fine; Gregory A. Grooms, 44, passing bad checks; Stephen Wayne Hanson, 38, trafficking in drugs; Brady Wilson Hull, 33, probation detainer; Brian Wilson Jones, 30, failure to appear, nonsupport; Timothy W. Lockhart, 32, aggravated burglary; Kenneth W. Mauk, 28, DUI; David McClanahan III, 21, probation detainer; Matthew Glen McIntosh, 28, forgery; Robert J. Newton, 45, arson; Brent T. Parker, 32, assault and unlawful restraint; Stevie R. Phillips, 27, disorderly conduct; Billy W. Steward, 28, failure to register as sex offender; Karen Sue Willis, 28, DUI; Duayne G. Breakiron, 37, nonsupport; Buffy L. Bradford, 34, forgery; Charlene L. Cole, 50, domestic violence; David L. Deaton, 37, failure to pay child support; James E. Douglas, 54, domestic violence; Timothy J. Harmon, 24, forgery; Georgette M. Hartley, 38, theft; Samual R. Hilderbrand, 37, domestic violence, Albert D. Holbelt, 28, disorderly conduct; Brady Wilson Hull, 33, probation detainer; Christopher S. Lang, 32, telephone harassment; Jerry R. Mosley Jr., 24, probation detainer; Jeremy E. Paul, 28, forgery, theft, misuse of credit cards; Michael Dean Pence, 18, telephone harassment; William E. Rein, 27, illegal assembly of chemicals for manufacture of drugs; Amanda R. Riffle, 24, trafficking drugs; Samuel Norman Riggs, 38, DUI; Roger D. Robinson, 44, failure to pay child support; Juan E. Rodrigues, 22, DUI; Roderick Allen Scott, disorderly conduct; Jeffery Paul Spires, 40, aggravated menacing; Larry J. Thompson, 42, failure to appear; Mark A. Thompson, 44, trafficking drugs and Randy Tolle, 41, receiving stolen property, criminal damaging, resisting arrest and escape.

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