BROOKSVILLE — The public was reminded at the Bracken County Fiscal Court meeting Wednesday that no more salvage yards could be created in Bracken County.

"There is someone coming from Campbell County, with a salvage company, who is putting up a building on Cannon Road," said Wanda Jones.

"The moratorium on salvage yards is still in effect. We have the option to renew it (when it comes near the expiration date)," said County Attorney Ed Rudd.

Several other locations containing what appear to be groups of salvage vehicles were brought to the attention of the court.

"We can handle them under the moratorium or with the nuisance ordinance," said Rudd.

In a related topic, resident John Lenox read a prepared statement concerning the creation and duties of administrative boards.

Lenox asked the court to consider forming a committee to research the feasibility of creating a code enforcement board and a specific codes enforcement officer.

"At the present time, any fine money collected by the district court for violations of local ordinances, goes to the state," said Lenox.

Under state law, that money could stay in the county and help pay for the codes enforcement officer, said Lenox. An officer is needed so codes are not selectively enforced, he said.

"Local ordinances (like the nuisance ordinance) are not getting enforced due to the volume of criminal court cases tying up the police departments," said Lenox.

"Won't the zoning and planning commission cover this?" Magistrate Perry Poe asked.

"They're not an enforcement body. They are an administrative body," said Lenox.

Judge-Executive Leslie Newman said he would meet with Rudd to see what could be done.

In other business, the board:

— Approved the use of $1,400 for animal warden James T. Moore's plan to improve the insulation of the animal shelter.

Because the metal on the roof is a pattern that has not been popular in this area, Moore will have to order four sheets at a cost of about $125. The roofing will be used to cover spaces left after energy inefficient sky lights are removed.

"If we have some rainy days, county workers could help do the work," said Newman.

— Approved the purchase of a vehicle for the jailer to use as a transportation vehicle. A 2001 Ford Crown Victoria was found and a price of $8,000 was negotiated.

"It has never been used as a police vehicle but it is big enough to transport prisoners," said Jailer/Transportation Officer Gary Riggs. "It has been a well maintained car."

— Approved a donation of $100 to the Bracken County Conservation District for Safety Day.

— Tabled discussion of possible increased insurance costs for county workers until the next meeting so the insurance representative could explain the options.

— Recommended Tracey Florer fill the opening on the county library board.

Contact Wendy Mitchell at or call 606-564-9091, ext. 370.

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