GEORGETOWN, Ohio — Two female inmates are charged with rape and gross sexual imposition in relation to an alleged assault of another female prisoner at the Brown County Jail.

Christina Davis, 24, of Ripley, Ohio, is facing one count of rape and Heather Griffin, 25, of Columbus, Ohio, is charged with two counts of gross sexual imposition following the grand jury's filing of indictments with the Brown County Clerk of Courts, Sept. 13.

Davis and Griffin, who were already housed in the Brown County Jail, are accused of sexually assaulting another prisoner Feb. 28, identified only by initials in court documents.

According to the indictment, Davis allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with the victim "and the victim's ability to resist or consent was substantially impaired because of a mental or physical condition or because of advanced age." Court documents further indicate Davis "knew or had reasonable cause to believe" that the victim's ability to consent and/or resist was impaired.

Griffin's indictment alleges that on the same day, Griffin allegedly engaged in sexual contact with the same victim, allegedly knowing that the victim's ability to resist was substantially impaired. Griffin's indictment was identical on both counts.

According to Brown County Prosecutor Thomas Grennan, the rape charge is a first-degree felony punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. The gross sexual imposition charges are fourth-degree felonies punishable by up to 18 months in prison.

Brown County Sheriff Dwayne Wenninger said his office conducted a detailed investigation immediately following the alleged victim's complaint and then turned the matter over to the prosecutor's office. The prosecutor's office presented the case to the grand jury, which found that an indictment was warranted.

According to court records, Davis was arrested Jan. 10 on charges of theft and assault and was being held at the Brown County Jail on a $2,000 cash/surety/property bond at the time of the alleged incident. On March 3, Davis pleaded to the theft charge while the assault charge was dismissed. She was sentenced to one year probation.

Court records indicate Griffin was arraigned on two separate cases Feb. 28. One case involved one count of burglary, one count of safe cracking and one count of theft over $500 while the other case included one count of possession of Oxycodone and one count of possession of Kolonopin. Through a plea agreement on both cases, Griffin was sentenced to a one year prison term, two 11 - month prison terms and one 60-day jail term, all to be served concurrently.

No trial dates have been set in either case.

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