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Terry Prather, The Ledger Independent

ABERDEEN, Ohio – Financial assistance for infrastructure improvements could be in the works for the Village of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Village Council held a special meeting Thursday, Jan. 11 to discuss the possible grants.

Aberdeen Village Council Member Billie Eitel introduced a resolution to continue with the process of applying for the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Pollution Control Loan Fund. If awarded, the loan money would be used for needed improvements to the sewer plant and Stivers Road, according to Eitel.

“This is not saying we have the funds,” Eitel said. “This is just a resolution to apply for the OEPA and OWDA (Ohio Water Development Authority) loan.”

The OEPA website states that the fund is to provide financial and technical assistance to public or private applicants for planning, design and construction of a wide variety of projects to protect or improve the quality of Ohio’s water resources.

According to Eitel, the grant would be for $250,000 with the rest being a zero percent interest loan. She said that in a meeting with sewer plant personnel and Village Administrator Delbert Hester, it was agreed that it would be foolish not to accept the deal.

“It will extend the estimated life of the sewer plant by 25 years,” Eitel said.

According to Eitel, current payments of $88,000 a year on the sewer plant will be paid off by 2019.

Eitel said that combined, the plant and Stivers Road costs would equal to be around $46,000 a year.

The resolution gave permission to apply for a design loan worth $68,000 for the sewer plant and $28,000 for Stivers Road.

“We don’t have to pay that right now,” Eitel said. “It will eventually be rolled into the construction loan if we receive it. If we don’t receive it, we don’t pay it.”

According to Eitel, if the grant is received, construction would probably begin in September of this year, and would not be completed in 2019.

“You’re not talking about paying on the loan until 2019,” Eitel said.

According to Eitel, the plant brings in about $37,000 a year.

“If the $88,000 a year is going to be paid off in 2019 and once it’s all done we’re going to be paying out $46,000, that still puts us ahead of what we’re paying now,” said Councilwoman Sherri Stafford.

The other grant concerns a new administration building,

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According to Eitel, the USDA has money available to build administration buildings based on how badly they are needed. USDA will demolish the current building and build a new one.

The current administration building for the village is worn down, with some complaining of leaks but remains structurally sound.

“It’s made of steel,” Eitel said. “The brick would fall off of it before the building falls.”

Eitel said the only catch to this grant is that the USDA uses the 500 year flood plain, which covers most of Aberdeen.

“US 52 all the way through Aberdeen is in the 500 year flood plain,” Eitel said. “They will not fund to build on land if you have to access it from an area that is in the 500 year flood plan.”

According to Eitel, if the current administration building was torn down the area would be green space.

“We’ve got a disaster and a lawsuit waiting to happen,” Eitel said about the current administration building. “I’m embarrassed every time I come across the bridge and have to see that school building.”

Eitel said that there is nothing hazardous getting in the way of demolition as of now.


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