FLEMINGSBURG -- A Fleming County man will be featured on a regional television game show where he won more than $30,000.

Rodney Morgan of Flemingsburg, will be one of four contestants featured on an April 24 airing of Ohio Lottery Cash Explosion. The show airs at 7:30 p.m. on Cincinnati's WCPO Channel 9.

Morgan said that a co-worker gave him a $1 scratch-off ticket to be mailed in and entered for a chance to appear on the show. Then one Saturday night, they called Morgan's name out on the show to be a future contestant.

Morgan, along with wife, Nita and teenage daughters, Whitley and Tesla, traveled to Columbus, Ohio, for the taping. The show was taped April 6 and it took about four hours to tape the half-hour show, according to Morgan.

Contestants push a button to stop a light on a game board. Wherever the light stops is the amount of money added to their score. Contestants with the most money move on to the next round.

"The first button I hit was a $25,000 bonus," Morgan said.

Although bonus money doesn't count toward scoring to move on to the next round, Morgan advanced and walked away a $31,600 winner.

"I guess I'll just pay off some bills and buy a new lawn mower," Morgan said about his winnings.

However, he's not keeping it all. After all, co-worker John Boyd was the one that gave him the ticket to submit.

"I'm splitting the money with him," Morgan said. "He came out pretty good, too."

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