City Hall

AUGUSTA -- The city is no longer offering the sale of bulk water as it had in previous years.

Augusta Operations Manager Doug Padgett said the city allowed the sale of bulk water for people who were not on the city's water system.

The water system was located at the maintenance building behind city hall. There were only a couple of customers using it, according to Padgett.

"They could come into town and purchase bulk water if they didn't have access to the city's water system," he said. "It was something the city provided for several years."

Padgett said the city has only stopped due to the system breaking down.

"It's old and there were a few issues, one of which being the coin slot was no longer registering when money was put in. There were other issues, as well, and we knew it would cost more to repair than it brought in."

According to Padgett, city officials are not concerned about closing down the service because there are other options for the customers who were purchasing water from the city.

"There's a service in Brooksville and Dover," Padgett said.

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Padgett said he was unsure how much money the service generated for the city, but he was sure it was not much.

According to Augusta City Clerk Gretchen England, the system had not been working right for a while, so it was difficult to track the amount of money brought in or gallons purchased.

"According to our guys, it hasn't been working right, so the amount of money and gallons varied," she said.


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