AUGUSTA -- Residents expecting to spend their summer at the Augusta pool this year may be disappointed.

According to Augusta Mayor Wendell High, the chance of opening the pool this summer is slim, due to a lack of resources and limited time.

High said the pool must be repaired before it can be opened to the public, but the city does not have the funding to make it happen.

"The bid to fix the problems with the pool totaled around $235,000," he said. "That's not money we have right now."

According to High, there are a lot of issues with the pool, including cracks, leaks and the need for a new filtration system.

"The pump is gone," he said. "There's a lot of work that needs to be done, but not enough money or time."

High said the city is looking into funding options and hopes to begin repairing the pool later this year open and have it reopened next year.

"We have every intention of reopening the pool at some point," he said.

It was shut down earlier than normal last summer after issues with leaking and electrical problems surfaced. At the time, city officials were unsure if the pool could be reopened.

The pool was closed to the public for the season on July 30 due to the safety issues. The diving board had also been removed earlier in the year, due to safety concerns.

According to High, the electrical issues discussed earlier in the year are no longer a concern, because the city installed a new service at the tennis court.

"We're separating the service from the pool house electric," he said. "At this time, I don't see why we couldn't get the pool back up and running."

As the pool will not be in operation this summer, the money that would normally have been used to maintain it and pay salaries will go toward rebuilding the docks at the River Park.

The docks were washed out during flooding in July last year and the insurance did not cover the damage.

According to High, an estimate of $82,000 to repair the docks was initially given to the city, but instead of hiring an outside company, city employees will be rebuilding the docks.

High said he believes it will cost around $45,000 to rebuild the docks.

"I'm hoping we can have those complete and open this summer," he said.