Golf Champs

VANCEBURG – Lewis County Gold EKC golf champions were honored at the Lewis County Board of Education meeting on Monday.

Golfers Robby Draper, Logan Liles, Austin Ruggles, Cameron Ruckel and Tate Willis were recognized by Superintendent Jamie Weddington.

“These young men are all good representatives of our school, they are all student athletes, they all perform well in the classroom and they are all good role models for the school district for other people when they go out in the community,” Weddington said.

The board also presented its 2016-2017 state report card and the findings in the report.

According to Weddington, schools did not receive an overall score, component scores or classifications because to the Commonwealth of Kentucky is in a transitional period toward a new system.

“There are two questions to ask,” Weddington said. “How many scored proficient and distinguished and how many scored novice?”

The school district made gains in all areas with a decrease in novice scores as well. The high school, according to Weddington, also scored its highest College/Career Readiness it has ever had. The school also had a 100 percent graduation rate on the year, according to Weddington. He said individual schools would present their specific findings at a later date and go into more detail.

Since there were no classifications given out this year, there is no exact way of knowing how the district would have been placed, according to Weddington. However, he said that he and a few teachers got together and calculated the scores and can tentatively say that Tollesboro Elementary along with the middle and high schools would have scored distinguished. Garrison and Laurel Elementary Schools would have scored proficient and Central Elementary would have just barely missed scoring proficiently. Weddington reaffirmed that these were not exact numbers, but a good estimation.

The council also approved a resolution to apply for KISTA participation to finance bus leases.

According to Weddington, the goal for the school district has been to purchase four new buses every year to replace buses that are getting older. Last year, Lewis County district was denied from entering the bus leasing program due to its finances.

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This year the school board wants to reapply to purchase eight buses to replace ones in the existing fleet that are more than 12 years old, which is the recommended lifespan for a bus set by the Kentucky Department of Education.

According to Weddington, the buses will be paid for over a 10-year span and cost a total of $703,000.

“It’s a pretty big expense,” Weddington said. “But it’s a good way to get back on track.”

The school board also accepted low bids for boiler replacements at Garrison Elementary School and Lewis County Middle School.

The Garrison bid will cost $58,825 and the middle school replacement will cost $53,990. Both bids were awarded to General Heating and Air and will consist of replacing the existing boilers with two smaller boilers in each school. The combined power of the two boilers will be a little bigger than the older one and will offer the advantage of still having a working boiler if one goes down.


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