MANCHESTER, Ohio – Village council has decided to meet once a month with quarterly town hall meetings in 2018.

Manchester Village Council will now meet on the first Monday of every month in regular session. If the first Monday is a holiday then the meeting will be held on Tuesday of the same week.

Quarterly town hall meetings will be held on the third Monday of January, April, July and October. The purpose of the quarterly meeting will be for citizens to have a more informal way to bring conversations and grievances before the council. A quorum is not required for a town hall because nothing is voted on – council just listens to concerns and takes notes.

Council members Troy A. Jolly and Skip Wagner opposed the schedule, voting no on the motion.

“I think my biggest concern is that’s only good if we show up,” Jolly said. “The 2017 calendar clearly shows that a lot of council members didn’t find their seats.”

Mayor Robert Hilderbrand said that 2018 was a new start for the council and that going forward one meeting a month will be held. He said if a quorum is not possible, the meeting will be held on Tuesday of the same week.

“If something comes up that needs to be addressed we can call a special meeting,” Councilman Michael Phipps said.

Hilderbrand also addressed the recent fire in Manchester, saying that all local, county and state avenues were being addressed to help those affected by the fire in late December.

“I think I speak with everybody when I ask that the county give us as much help as they would give West Union,” Hilderbrand said.

Wagner also commended the fire department for a job well done fighting the fire.

“The work you all did was spectacular considering what you all had in front of you,” Wagner said. “My hat’s off to everyone at the fire department because you all busted your rumps for three or four days on that one.”

Hilderbrand also said that the village will not let the building sit and become an eyesore.

In other business:

-- Council discussed possibly changing out an old traffic light on Washington and Second streets. A used box would cost $12,000 and a refurbished one would cost $7,500. This money would come out of the state highway fund.

-- Council approved a Manchester sign for the east end of town by the water plant. The sign will cost $1,150 with $400 of it being given by the Manchester Women’s Club. The sign will be the same materials and the same design as existing Manchester signs on other ends of town.

-- Skip Wagner was appointed council president. Committees will be appointed on Feb. 1.

-- It was announced that in March of 2018 the village will be able to file to get out of fiscal emergency as long as the budget remains in the black. It was agreed that the village would see about beginning the process to return a police force to the village at that time.