Brown County property transfers

2008-10-17T01:00:00Z Brown County property transfers Ledger Independent
October 17, 2008 1:00 am

Apex Development to Brenna Round, 3 acres in Mount Orab Village, $147,900.

Christina Jones to Secretary of Housing and Urban, two parcels of .28 acres and .15 acres in Mount Orab Village, $0.

Donald Spires to Barbara Spires, two parcels of 30 acres and two parcels of 40 acres in Union Township, $0.

David and Nancy Wykoff to Nancy Wykoff, three parcels of .44 acres, 2.28 acres, and 1.10 acres in Union Township, $0.

Jesse and Kimberly Adams to GMAC Mortgage, 1.33 acres in Sterling Township, $110,147.

Mable and Charles Smith to Mable and Charles Smith, 1.52 acres in Sterling Township, $0.

Alberta Woodward and Howard and Alberta Woodward to Paul and Cathye Bunthoff, 11.9 acres in Sterling Township, $90,000.

Daphne and John Halloran to Preston Thomas, 4.07 acres in Sterling Township, $140,000.

Stanley and Rebecca Blevins to Fed Home Loan, two parcels of 1 acre in Sterling Township, $0.

George and Lisa Watson to Lisa Gray, four parcels of 50 acres, .3 acres, 35.88 acres, and .54 acres in Pleasant Township, $0.

Cathy Skidmore to Brandon and Patricia Curtis, 2.21 acres in Byrd Township, $0.

Larry Knechtly to William and Donna Murray, .02 acres in Byrd Township, $19,900.

Kevin and Laura Graham to Kevin Graham, 5.15 acres in Eagle Township, $0.

Robert and Wilma Snapp to Robert Snapp, two parcels of 1 acre in Franklin Township, $0.

Jerry Meyer to Susan Clark, 92 acres in Franklin Township, $5,995.

Kenny Fairchild and Waynoka Property Owners to Jeffrey and Christina Campbell, 75 acres in Franklin Township, $500.

Floyd Sr and Hattie Evans to Cedric Evans, 75 acres in Franklin Township, $0.

Donald and Penny Curtis to Peggy Brancock, 1.99 acres and 1.87 acres in Huntington Township, $92,400 each.

Kelly and Kathy Campbell to Gloria and Kathy Campbell, 3.12 acres in Jackson Township, $0.

Andrew and Pamela Keaton to Mary Showalter, 75 acres in Jackson Township, $1,000.

James and Mary Ruth Potts to James Potts, .13 acres in Russellville Village, $0.

Loris Schneider to Carl David Schneider, .42 acres in Lewis Township, $0.

Adams Brown County Econ to Christopher and Amy Riggs and Johnson and Diana Wayne.

Sec Hsing and Urban Development and Amanda Hibbs to Thomas Ball, two parcels of 75 acres in Perry Township, $0.

George and Linda Neville to Laura Standruing, 85 acres in Perry Township, $190,000.

James Kube to Steven and Julie Watkins, 1.04 acres in Perry Township, $103,500.

Harold Docter and Donna Cook to Andrew Cranfill, 5 acres in Perry Township, $30,000.

Margaret Erdman to Stephen and Kerry Cotter, 2.15 acres in Pike Township, $7,540.

Bobby Bingaman to Bobby Bingaman, .18 acres, 1.08 acres, .06 acres, 20.4 acres, and .26 acres in Pike Township, $0.

Eileen and Ronald Duffy to Ronald Duffy, 100 acres in Pleasant Township, $0.

Leonard and Louis Hayes to Louis Hayes, .73 acres in Pleasant Township, $0.

Joseph Van Vleet to James Meranda, three parcels of 25 acres in Pleasant Township, $51,000 each.

Patricia Moore and Michael Coldiron to Rebecca Ball, .59 acres in Scott Township, $38,000.

Edna Carter to Huntington National Bank, 3 acres in Sterling Township, $46,667.

Roy Craddock to Ella and Jeffrey Tarvin, 1 acre in Sterling Township, $0.

John and Anita Kennedy to Kelly and Janet Fetters, 1 acre in Sterling Township, $0.

Brandi and Brian Campbell to Aaron Saunders and Angel Reynolds, 3.78 acres in Sterling Township, $185,000.

Thomas Klump to Susan Klump, 19.22 acres in Union Township, $0.

Larry Knechtly to William and Donna Murray, 7.36 acres in Union Township, $19,900.

Art Murphy to Durand and Jennifer Moffett, .62 acres in Union Township, $20,000.

Carl and Mary Klump to Mary Klump, 132 acres in Union Township, $0.

Donald Spires to Barb, Tim, Terry, Chas, and Don Spires, 30 acres, 30 acres, and 40 acres in Union Township, $0.

Cleatous Gross to Elizabeth and Cleatous Gross, 1.82 acres in Ripley Village, $0.

Village of Ripley to Village of Ripley, 2.31 acres in Union Township, $0.

Robert Heidorn to Federal Home Loan, 3 acres in Washington Township, $0.

James Bechdolt to James Bechdolt, 1 acre in Washington Township, $0.

Kenneth and Sarah Barnes to Deutsche Bank National Trust, two parcels of 25 acres in Washington Township, $55,334 each.

Jim and Brenda Worstell, 1 acre in Franklin Township, $0.

Third Federal and Lizabeth Doss and Albert Pack to Robert and Carolyn Braun, 71 acres and 91 acres in Franklin Township, $325,000 each.

Amy Renshaw and Gerald and Patricia Renshaw to Gerald Renshaw, 1.73 acres in Franklin Township, $0.

Kenneth and Brenda Proffitt to Brenda Proffitt, 1 acre in Green Township, $0.

Dorthy Reid and Maley Muriel to Dorthy Reid, 7.44 acres in Huntington Township, $0.

Countrytyme to LLC Sidney, 5.85 acres in Jackson Township, $0.

Waynoka Property Owners and Jerry Lycans to Vicki Jo Hargraves, 100 acres in Jackson Township, $2,000.

Terry and Margaret Schear to Business Vacation Concepts, 75 acres in Jackson Township, $1,740.

Eric and Margery Huron to Brian and Peggy Hogan, 70 acres in Jackson Township, $235,000.

Charles Thomas and Charles and Gail Thomas to Donald Whisler, 93 acres in Jackson Township, $500.

Waynoka Property Owners to Blanche and Edward Harris, 75 acres in Jackson Township, $500.

Michael and Amber Hauck to Lasalle Bank National, 97 acres, 102 acres, and 123 acres in Jackson Township, $56,667.

Anthony and Cindy Lawson to Katrina Williamson, 60 acres in Lewis Township, $20,000.

Robin Nielsen to Jeanne and Mark Ross, 63 acres in Perry Township, $290,000.

Robin Nielsen and Jeanne and Mark Ross, 73 acres in Perry Township, $290,000.

Liberty Savings and Robert young to Richard and Elizabeth Agar, 67 acres in Perry Township, $322,500.

Robin Nielsen and Jeanne and Mark Ross, 65 acres in Perry Township, $290,000.

Glen and Deborah Mineer to Jason Jester, .63 acres in Perry Township, $33,000.

Polaris Home and Brian and Teresa Palmer to Jeremy and Mary Jordon, 18.88 acres in Perry Township, $179,750.

Crystal Stewart to Federal National, 5 acres in Pike Township, $75,000.

Gerian and Wanda Dales to William Barrett, 3.51 acres in Pike Township, $63,600.

Kenneth and Barbara Gifford to Gladys Lukemire, 2.34 acres in Pike Township, $0.

George Watson to George Watson, 65 acres in Pike Township, $0.

Connie Rader to Connie Rader Decker, 55.94 acres in Pleasant Township, $0.

Adele Ducharme and Third Federal to Mary Ann Puhyah and Nicanor San Nicolas, .41 and.32 acres in Georgetown Village, $245,000 each.

George Watson and Lisa Gray to George Watson, 87 acres, 100 acres, and 87 acres Pleasant Township, $0.

Mary and Henry Chisman to Michael and Connie Moore, 98 acres in Pleasant Township, $0.

Kenneth and Brenda Proffitt to Brenda Proffitt, 1.09 acres in Sterling Township, $0.

Tammy Marcum and Shirley Frank to Shirley Frank, 6.41 acres in Sterling Township, $0.

Johnny Liggett and Mary Catherine Cocoran to Mary Catherine Cocoran, 10.08 acres in Union Township, $0.

Bertha Faye Curtis to Kathryn Kelly Jo Graves, 29.35 acres in Union Township, $0.

Vincent Prince to Gregory and Penny Waits, .66 acres in Union Township, $0.

Pam Germann to Albert and Elizabeth Ligett, 2.18 acres and .14 acres in Union Township, $0.

Ripley Federal and Kenneth and Julie Adams, .02 acres and 1.23 acres in Ripley Village, $7,126 each.

Terry and Gaytha Peters to Four Money, two parcels of 50 acres in Washington Township, $37,000.

Jimmie and Brenda Worstell to B&JW House Rentals, three parcels of 25 acres in Washington Township, $0.

Apex Development to Deborah Jean Hall, .33 acres in Mount Orab Village, $151,700.

Apex Development to Gordon and Diana Fitzpatrick, 3 acres in Mount Orab Village, $157,500.

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