deer in windshield

A male deer, struck by another vehicle, was thrown through the windshield of this pickup truck at approximately 7:30 a.m. on West Maple Leaf Road near Straub Elementary School. Breeana Thomas, the driver of the truck, was transported by Maysville EMS to Meadowview Regional Medical Center for treatment. She was later released.


A Maysville teenager sustained non life-threatening injuries in a Friday morning accident involving two vehicles and a deer.

According to Maysville Police Officer Jeremy Poe, the accident occurred on Maple Leaf Road around 7:45 a.m., as 37-year-old Charles "Eric" Schumacher was travelling westbound in his 2007 Chevrolet pickup truck.

A deer came running off a bank near the Maysville Church of the Nazarene and leaped into the road and directly into Schumacher's line of travel, Poe said. The front fender was dented by the impact as the deer was thrown onto the truck, striking the windshield.

From that point, Poe said it is not clear whether the animal could have once again attempted to jump, or whether it was thrown from the hood of Schumacher's truck onto an oncoming vehicle, a 1998 Dodge pickup truck. Driving the Dodge truck was 17-year-old Breeanna Thomas, a Mason County High School student, Poe said.

Poe said the deer never touched the ground after getting hit by Schumacher because there was no evidence of damage to the front of Thomas' vehicle. The deer appeared to have landed directly on the hood, smashing through the windshield.

"(It)) actually flew from truck to truck," Poe said.

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The deer remained halfway inside the vehicle, its head and front legs protruding from the windshield, when police arrived.

Schumacher was not injured in the accident, but Thomas sustained some injuries to her face, Poe said. She was transported to Meadowview Regional Medical Center for treatment.


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