J.M. Stuart Station power generating station

DAYTON, Ohio – AES Corporation, parent company of DP&L, will cut 60 jobs in Ohio and 100 in Indiana., according to a company news release.

AES subsidiaries Dayton Power and Light and Indianapolis Power and Light Company announced organizational and structural changes that the companies claim will allow both to operate more efficiently.

The changes come about as part of a reorganization effort announced by AES as a way to simplify its portfolio, optimize its cost structure and reduce its carbon intensity.

According to reports, it is currently unclear where the job cuts would be and it is not expected to have an impact on the planned closure of the J.M. Stuart Station in Adams County this summer.

“AES will align their structure and reshape the workforce, resulting in the reduction of approximately 100 jobs in Indiana and 60 jobs in Ohio by the second quarter of this year,” the company said in a statement.

As part of this new structure, DP&L will be under Craig Jackson, who will act as CEO and president got both IPL and DP&L on March 31. Jackson has been CFO for IPL and DP&L for the past five years, according to the company.

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Former CEO Rom Raga has been released, according to the company, and will take on a new role of the executive vice president of DPL Inc.

Ken Zagzebski will assume the role of Executive Chairman of the Board of IPL and its holdinf company, IPALCO, as well as for DP&L and its holding company DPL Inc. He will also serve as the general manager for the Southland construction project in California.

“While these changes are difficult, they will allow us to improve efficiency and continue modernizing our infrastructure while maintaining affordable electricity for our customers,” Zagzebski said. “This transformation will enhance our performance and support investments in new energy solutions that will make a positive performance and support investments in new energy solutions that will make a positive economic contribution to both Indianapolis and Dayton.”


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