A company which cultivates insect larvae for food expects to open its facility in Maysville sometime in the second half of 2018, according to a magazine article.

EnviroFlight, LLC, Intrexon's joint venture with Darling Ingredients Inc. (NYSE: DAR), is in the process of retooling the facility on Progress Way at Kentucky 9 AA Highway which formerly housed some of Emerson's operation, officials said. It will be the largest domestic commercial-scale black soldier fly larvae production facility, expanding production of advanced BSF ingredients for sustainable animal feed and nutrition.

EnviroFlight received $750,000 in tax incentives from the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority for a $32 million investment to establish a black soldier fly rearing and processing operation in Maysville, officials said in January 2017.

The operation will use fly larvae as a feed ingredient and intends to target its meal product at the fish farming industry, Marketing Director Cheryl Preyer said at the time.

According to information from the company, BSF larvae can produce 1-2 million pounds of protein per acres of farmland, compared to 192-356 for more traditional crops such as soybean and legumes.

The company produces protein used in pet food for animals ranging from pets to exotic animals.

Maysville Mason County Industrial Development Authority former director Gene Weaver said the company is expected to employ about 37 people to begin with but could expand that number later.

Current MMCIDA Director Owen McNeill said everything looks to be on schedule for Enviroflight's Maysville's facility.

"We're excited about it," McNeill said.