Fleming County High School

FLEMINGSBURG -- The Fleming County School District is being proactive and working to prepare students for an active shooter situation.

Three information sessions will be held at Fleming County High School, with the first two sessions being held only for students. On Thursday, Flemingsburg Police Chief Brian Bowling spoke with students about what to do in an active shooter situation. He will be speaking to them again on March 8.

"He's going to be going over their options in an active shooter situation -- such as run, fight or hide," FCHS Principal Stephanie Emmons said. "He'll go over different scenarios and how they could respond to each one."

Emmons said on March 13, parents and the community will be invited to the high school for a similar discussion.

"We want to talk to the parents and the community about how they could respond in a situation," Emmons said. "He'll go over the same scenarios with them."

Emmons said the district decided to hold the information sessions because of recent events.

"With the events since Jan. 1, we felt it was important to address this situation and make sure students, parents and the community are prepared in case something ever happened," she said.

According to Emmons, on Wednesday, Kentucky State Police, Flemingsburg Police Department and the Fleming County Sheriff's Office were present at the high school for active shooter training.

"It was held for our staff," Emmons said. "We told them anyone on staff who wanted to attend could do so. I think we had almost 100 percent of our staff show up. They know how important it is to keep our students safe."

Emmons said the KSP officers practiced with different scenarios in order to show them how to respond to each one.

"They practiced run, fight and hide with us," she said. "They showed us what a gunshot would sound like from a classroom and how to identify where a gunshot could be coming from."

The session for parents and the community will be held on Tuesday, March 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the FCHS cafeteria.

Other schools are also taking safety precautions for their students.

Augusta Independent School has changed where students will enter and exit the building each day, according to Superintendent Lisa McCane.

Faculty, staff, students and parents are now required to enter and exit using the doors on the Bracken Street side of the building.

"Students will use these doors only to enter and exit the school building during the day. This is the new procedure for the rest of the school year and going forward," McCane said.

According to McCane, the reason for the change is to keep students safe.

"It's a safety precaution," McCane said.

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According to McCane, student pickup will still be in the cafeteria, but parents must enter on the Bracken Street side.

AIS received a threat recently in which a student allegedly made a threatening comment to other students. The threat was reported to officials and an investigation is being conducted. Disciplinary action was taken against the student and information about the threat was sent to local authorities, according to district officials.

In Bracken County, Superintendent Jeff Aulick recently released a letter to parents outlining what precautions the district has taken to keep students safe.

According to the letter, some of the ways the district protects student's safety is by having a visitor registry in which all visitors must check in at the front desk before having access to the building.

The district also has cameras located all around the schools within the district in order to monitor activity inside and outside the buildings.

All exterior doors are also locked and visitors have limited access to the buildings.

The school also has a resource officer assigned to the schools to provide security, the Brooksville Fire Department provides monthly fire drills to ensure students and staff are prepared for a quick exit of the building, emergency preparedness training is provided each semester and the district has a crisis communication plan in place.

"Keeping your children safe while at school is our district’s top priority," he said in the letter. "Listed below are several safety measures currently in place designed to safeguard students and to affect positive student learning in the classroom."


Christy Howell-Hoots is a reporter for The Ledger Independent newspaper, covering Bracken County

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