A century-old Maysville home was significantly damaged by fire early Friday, according to Maysville Fire Chief Kevin Doyle.

Fire was reported at the home located at 831 East Second Street at about 4 a.m., by a neighbor who was up early and noticed flames shooting out of the windows of the wood frame three-story home, Doyle said.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, heavy flames were spotted in the windows, much as the 911 caller had shown in a photo sent via text to the department, the fire chief said.

The home was built in the early 1900s using balloon framing, according to Doyle. Balloon framing was the most common form of construction in America from about the 1880s to the 1930s, according to information from the craftsmanblog.com. A balloon frame house is built using dimensional lumber fastened with nails, not joinery like the earlier timber frames and have the greatest danger of catastrophic fires.

"The age of the house definitely contributed to the fire spreading. The fire looks like it cut the house in two," Doyle said.

The house is owned by Pete Kambelos, Doyle said, and there was a remodeling project underway at the property.

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Doyle said firefighters were on the scene for five or six hours and kept an eye on the house throughout the day, checking for possible hot spots to flare up.

The fire likely started between the first-floor ceiling and the second floor, Doyle said. No cause has been determined for the fire which remains under investigation.



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