Fleming County Hospital

Fleming County Hospital

Cody Evans, The Ledger Independent

FLEMINGSBURG -- Fleming County Hospital Chief Executive Officer Brian Springate has addressed concerns to a recent cut in staffing.

Recently, there has been a reduction of eight staff members at Fleming County Hospital. Some of those were retirements and those employees were not replaced, while a few people were laid off from their positions, according to Springate.

Springate said the staff reductions were mostly positions that did not have direct contact with patients, primarily support and leadership positions.

"We recently identified a need to better align our staff resources with our community’s utilization of services," he said. "This resulted in a small number of positions being eliminated. Decisions like this are not easy, and we do not make them lightly. We regret the personal impact this has had on impacted employees, and we continue to be committed to treating them fairly and with compassion."

When asked if the hospital anticipates any further staff reductions, Springate said he could not guarantee there would or would not be, while the hospital's needs are assessed.

"It's hard to say," he said. "From a business standpoint, we have to stay above water. We want to make sure the hospital stays here, in this community, and continues to serve the community."

Springate said he is committed to making sure patients are the number one priority.

"We have some new physicians coming in," he said. "That should stimulate the usage of the hospital. We are committed to keeping the hospital open and that includes a lot of moving parts."

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According to Springate, the decision for the staff reductions did not come easy.

"No one wants to make these decisions, but we have to make them for the good of the hospital," he said. "It's is no secret that hospitals across the nation, just like ours, are experiencing tremendous financial pressures in the midst of one of the most difficult and uncertain operating environments our industry has ever seen. In order to ensure that Fleming County Hospital can continue delivering high quality, safe and compassionate care to the community we serve, we must regularly evaluate our operational structure, processes and procedures to ensure that we are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible."

Springate also said he is confident the staff reductions will not impact the way the hospital runs.

"Fleming County Hospital considers it a privilege to serve the healthcare needs of our community," he said. "And we are confident that these changes will not impact our ability to deliver the best possible care to those we serve."

Springate said the hospital has a staff of 147 and a patient bed count of 52.


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