Mural Restorations

Over the next several weeks three of the murals near Limestone Landing will be restored by artist Robert Dafford and his associates. Dafford has painted murals for several cities along the Ohio River from Point Pleasant, W.Va. to Paducah.

Restoration work on Maysville's floodwall murals is underway for this year.

Artist Robert Dafford and his associates began on Monday and are expected to be finished by mid-September, according to Tom Coe, who, along with Melody Denham, is heading up the project.

Denham was executive director of the Maysville-Mason County Area Chamber of Commerce when the mural project began almost 20 years ago and oversaw the initial murals. She and Coe joined forces after reports last year indicated the murals were deteriorating from age and weather and desperately needed restoring.

City officials included $15,000 for the upkeep of the murals in the budget but challenged the community to also contribute to the upkeep of the downtown art treasures.

Scheduled work for this summer/fall session includes:

Underground Railroad mural: This mural will be cleaned, damaged clear coat removed,  artwork retouched and conditioner applied. New clear coats will be applied for protection.

Sutton Landing mural: This mural will be scraped, some grinding completed, washed, reconditioned, then repainted and new clear coat applied.

LaFayette mural: This mural will be scraped, some grinding, wash reconditioned, repainted as needed, and a new clear coat applied.

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The tobacco mural and the mid-1800s riverfront scene were refurbished last summer.

The initial murals were painted in 1998. The entire series was painted over the course of 10 years with the Rosemary Clooney tribute panels the latest addition.

The overall expenditure for this year will be slightly over $10,000, Coe said. Donations are also accepted and should be made to “Maysville Floodwall Mural Project” and mailed to P. O. Box 614, Maysville, KY 40156, just like last year.


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