FRANKFORT – House Bill 166 was officially brought before the House Judiciary Committee on Monday but was not voted on.

HB166 is a bill that would legalize and regulate medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky.

Committee Chair Rep. Joe Fischer agreed to give HB166 a vote but asked for the vote to happen on Tuesday after hearing more about the bill and how others feel about it.

Eric and Michelle Crawford, Maysville residents who advocate for the legalization of medical cannabis, said the committee heard the pros of the bill on Monday and looked to hear the cons on Tuesday before calling a vote.

State Rep. John Sims and State Sen. Stephen West, along with others, were at the original meeting on Monday to discuss and/or show support for the bill.

State Rep. All Gentry, a disabled golfer, said he knows several athletes who have turned to medical marijuana in place of opioids because they think they are too addictive.

Some concerns were raised about how loose the bill seemed while other believed it was a well thought out bill that shouldn’t be changed.

As of 4:30 p.m., Tuesday no vote had been called.