HILLSBORO | The new wing of Hillsboro Elementary School in Fleming County will be ready for use by mid-November.

According to Fleming County Assistant Superintendent Rita Dials, the $2.3 million project is in the mid stages of development. 

"We are currently painting the gym area, dry walling the offices and finishing up the glass wall," she said.  "We are also in the middle of ordering furniture for the rooms."

Dials said the school has needed a new wing for a long time, because the previous gym-like area was not regulation.  The former gym was in a metal building attached to the school. 

"It was very small," said Dials.  "It held gym classes, but it wasn't a real gym and it wasn't up to regulation."

The new wing will house the gym and offices. The principal's office, counselors, receptionist and nurse will be moved to the new wing.  The receptionist will have an area for visitors to the school to check in.  The door will be locked and the visitor will have to be buzzed in if the visitor has a valid reason for entering.

"Right now everyone is sharing small spaces," said Dials. "This will give them more space.  And, it will help with security.  With the offices there together and a reception who can buzz people in, there won't be anyone just walking into the school.  It's a security issue when that happens."

Another addition to the school is handicapped-accessible ramps. 

"Anyone who has been to the school has seen the amount of steps there.  With these new ramps that won't be as big of an issue for our handicapped students," she said.

The school currently has 106 enrolled students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

The new wing will be available for use by students in mid-November, which is right on schedule, according to Dials. 

"We said fall of 2012," she said.  "It's progressing very nicely."

The new wing is being paid for by the nickel tax that was implemented by the district.  The tax added an extra nickel to every $100 of assessed property value.

The nickel tax was a requirement by the state for any schools that needed funding for construction.

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