Maysville Award

The Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge is surrounded by colorful hardwood trees in this photo taken earlier in the week.

And the first-ever Great River Cup goes to ... the city of Maysville.

Maysville Mayor David Cartmell recently learned the city has been named winner of the cup which recognizes the community along the Ohio River Corridor leading in per capita corporate facility project investments. In winning the honor created by Site Selection magazine, Maysville beat out what the magazine called the triumvirate of big cities -- Cincinnati, Louisville, and Pittsburgh.

With a population of 17,166, four projects have been initiated in Maysville over the past 18 months, according to the magazine. Projects cited in the magazine include ongoing hiring at Mitsubishi Electric, Stober Drives and MACA.

Cartmell said he was told by writers with the magazine that "it's been another record year" for Maysville. And while he knew hiring was strong, he was a little surprised to learn Maysville outpaced other larger cities along the river.

"It just shows there is new life in the river valley," Cartmell said. "We're going to have to redouble our efforts."

Earning awards like the Great River Cup and, prior to that the Governor's Cup, also from Site Selection, brings more recognition and interest to the city and more interest from industrial development brokers, Cartmell said.

"We're just tickled to death," to receive the award, Cartmell said.

The area is experiencing a period of growth and a stable economy, Cartmell said.

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"Where there's stability, there is potential for investment," the mayor said.

Not only industrial but also residential property interest and sales are on an upward trend, Cartmell said, as people from throughout the nation move in and make Maysville their home.

"We've got things other people want," he said. "We're becoming a residential Mecca."



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