MANCHESTER, Ohio – The village welcomed its newest council member at Tuesday’s village council meeting.

Troy A. Jolly was elected to a village council seat in the Nov. 7, 2017, General Election. Four seats were up for grabs with three incumbents winning the first three – Michael F. Phipps, Brian S. Napier and Teresa D. Blythe. Jolly nabbed the fourth seat with 137 votes (14 percent).

Jolly, who served as Manchester’s mayor from 2012 to 2015, said he ran for council because Manchester is a work in progress.

“There are a lot of things we still need to do,” Jolly said. “We’ve got some dilapidated homes that need to be torn down and the biggest issue is the police department. We cannot rely on the sheriff’s deputies. We’re the only town in the county that has a tax levy for the police department yet we don’t provide services.”

The Village of Manchester disbanded the Manchester Police Department in March 2017, citing financial constraints. At the time it was said that the situation would be temporary.

Jolly said he is currently working on getting three of the dilapidated homes torn down, but he reiterated that his main focus as a council member is getting a police department back in the village.

“We need to have our own police department,” Jolly said. “Otherwise, we need to give our taxpayers back their tax levy.”

Jolly said three more votes were needed to secure the passage of a police department.

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“I’ve got a budget that allows us to operate a police department with $50,000;,” Jolly said, “$48,000 of that is what the tax levy brings us. I have a budget prepared to present to council when it comes time to decide on it.”

According to village council in March, the price of running the police department was $80,000 to maintain the office and one officer.

Jolly’s first meeting as a council member was Monday.


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