GEORGETOWN, Ohio | A Brown County man was sentenced this week to prison for an incident related to the death of his brother.

In August 2013, Darrell Mootispaw was indicted by a Brown County grand jury for theft and marijuana trafficking which led to the June 2013 death of James Mootispaw.

Darrell Mootispaw, 33, of Mount Orab, was also indicted on two counts of involuntary manslaughter, one count of trafficking in marijuana and one count of complicity in the commission of an offense in connection with the shooting of James Mootispaw by Joseph Nicholas Trzeciak.

His brother died as the result of a crime.

According to the indictment, Darrell Mootispaw "did aid or abet James Mootispaw in the theft of $1,200 from Joseph Trzeciak by deception."

Trzeciak is a cousin to Mootispaws, police said.

On Aug. 7, 2013 Trzeciak was indicted on one count of murder with a firearm specification.

Brown County Court of Common Pleas Judge, Scott T. Gusweiler, accepted a plea of guilty to involuntary manslaughter from Darrell Mootispaw. Upon a motion by the state, the remaining counts were dismissed.

On Jan. 28, Brown County Court of Common Pleas Judge Gusweiler sentenced Mootispaw to serve five years in prison. Gusweiler also advised Mootispaw of the mandatory five years of post-release control at through the Adult Parole Authority upon his release from prison.

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