Giving communities one more tool to fight the opioid epidemic, two area agencies are teaming up to offer naloxone training to first responders and to private citizens.

The opioid overdose intervention training, presented by a partnership of the Regional Prevention Center of Comprehend Inc. and the Buffalo Trace Substance Abuse Prevention program, will offer instructions on how to use naloxone or Narcan, the medication used to block the effects of opioids and reverse an overdose.

Training begins next week and will continue through January for first responders and is scheduled in each of the five Buffalo Trace counties, according to Lauren Penrose, prevention program coordinator at RPC. The first training will take place in Bracken County on Dec. 13, at the County Extension Office in Brooksville. It will be followed by training in Lewis County on Jan. 10, in Mason County on Jan. 16, in Fleming County on Jan. 23 and in Robertson County on Jan. 30. All training will take place in the respective county's Extension Office with the exception of Robertson County where the public library will host the event, and begin at 5:30 p.m.and run through 7:30 p.m., Penrose said.

The training is free and will include a light meal. First responders will each receive a few kits for their agency following the training, Penrose said. Each rescue kit contains a card which responders should fill out with non-identifying information on the person for whom it was used, she said. When those cards are filled out and returned to the RPC, the rescue kit will be replaced with a new one.

Penrose said the number of kits distributed will be limited to prevent a problem which surfaced in earlier training sessions when the kits were freely distributed and some expired before they were used, she said. The kits have a shelf life of about 18 months.

Community training is scheduled for each county in February, beginning with Lewis County on Feb. 7, Robertson County on Feb. 13, Fleming County on Feb. 14, Mason County on Feb. 20 and Bracken County on Feb. 28. The sessions will also be held in each county's Extension Office except for Robertson County where the public library will again be the location. Training is free, set for 5:30-7 p.m., and a light meal will be available.

Anyone who is representing a workplace or business will have access to a rescue kit, Penrose said.

Prior to attending the first responders training, participants should complete an initial online training at hhtp:// and print and bring the certificate to the training session. Communities members should preregister for training at calling Jennifer Gordley at the RPC at 606-759-7799 or by email at