Resident Undead Director Adam Kimmell looks over scene notes while taking a break from shooting while at Phillips Folly.

The Resident Undead episode featuring Phillip's Folly is now available online.

The episode, which runs for one hour and 11 minutes can be found on YouTube, under the Resident Undead page.

In the episode, the group can be seen reenacting scenes they believe could have occurred in and around the house. After the reenactments, the crew begins their investigation using different types of equipment that can capture evidence of a spirit.

The crew, which includes six members, Director Adam Kimmell, Chris Musgrove, Rebecca Kirshbaum, David Woolver, Ashley Lucky and Scott Selger, visit reportedly haunted locations and provide background on the buildings, reenact historic scenes believed to have taken place in the areas and try to capture proof of the supposed haunting.

They filmed in Phillip's Folly in March 2017. They filmed for about 20 hours before departing Maysville the following day, around 10 a.m.

The group originally learned of Phillips Folly after seeing it featured on the show "Ghost Adventures."

"We saw the episode after it aired and then kind of forgot about it," Musgrove said. "A while later, we were looking at places to go and remembered Phillip's Folly. We were considering coming down last year, but it didn't happen."

Later, they were reminded of the location by a friend, who once investigated the location.

"This location was one I have been looking forward to for a long time," Kimmell said. "It's one of my favorites and I'm glad we were able to film here. The house was amazing, the owners, Jim Turner and Tom Bailey, were welcoming and everyone in the town we met was so friendly and we'll be back."

During the day, the group filmed B-roll footage and a few reenactment scenes before diving into their investigation. Kimmell said he believes the reenactments help the spirits respond due to seeing things from the era in which they lived.

The owners, Bailey and Turner, said they enjoyed having the crew in their home Saturday and would welcome them again in the future.

"We love having people over," Turner said. "That's what this house is for -- friendship and a good time. It's been wonderful having everyone here today. They've been polite and courteous and interested in learning about the house."

Bailey and Turner have owned the house since 2008. The first night they spent in the home was Oct. 31, 2008.

"The first night we spent in the house, it was not renovated," Bailey said. "We had to stay downstairs because the upstairs was in such bad shape. Since then, there have been a few incidents, but it's been a wonderful house and a great experience."

Bailey said they have heard footsteps on the stairs and a few other noises.

"Doors that are supposed be locked will be unlocked and doors that we unlocked would be locked," Turner added. "We had that happen a lot when we first moved here. We heard there was a history of ghost activity."

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Turner said one of the people supposedly in the house is John Armstrong and his Newfoundland dog.

Bailey said the worst thing he has experienced in the house is loud noises as if the large mirrors on the walls were falling, but he has yet to see anything.

"We have guests who will hear the noises so loud that it will wake them up," he said. "I've had it happen. It woke me up and I went to go investigate, but couldn't find anything. One night, when we had paint cans and scaffolding around, it sounded like all of that fell. The guy sleeping in the room next to me heard it. It woke us both up and we couldn't find anything. I was tired, so I went back to bed."

According to Musgrove, the group is not only interested in filming historic locations, they are also interested in purchasing and saving historic locations.

"We didn't only want to go in and film," he said. "We're always looking at saving locations from ruin or the wrecking ball. We feel like history should be preserved, whether it's on the historic registry or not."

A few years ago, the group purchased the Madison Seminary building in Madison, Ohio.

"It's been featured on a few shows and people have come from all over the country to see the building and film segments," he said. "We've filmed a segment in there, too."


Christy Howell-Hoots is a reporter for The Ledger Independent newspaper, covering Bracken County

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