AUGUSTA -- City officials are continuing to work toward fixing city's public pool.

The pool was discussed during a recent Augusta City Council meeting.

Crews were able to uncover the source of one leak after excavating concrete at the pool, according to Mayor Wendell High.

However, according to City Clerk Gretchen England, crews are continuing to search for the source of other leaks, but work has been put on hold due to weather and the holidays.

"They should be able to resume sometime soon," she said. "They found one leak and they're looking for what is causing the others."

The pool has been a topic of discussion for city council for several months.

It was shut down earlier than normal last summer due to issues with leaking and electrical problems. At the time, city officials were unsure if the pool could be reopened.

The pool was closed to the public for the season on July 30 due to the safety issues. The diving board had also been removed earlier in the year, due to safety concerns.

High said he believes the pool can be fixed for about $25,000, which is lower than the cost of putting in a whole new pool that could have cost the city about $300,000.

According to High, the electrical issues discussed earlier in the year are no longer a concern, because the city installed a new service at the tennis court.

"We're separating the service from the pool house electric," he said. "At this time, I don't see why we couldn't get the pool back up and running."

Other items discussed during the meeting included:

-- Tabling the second reading of a personnel policy.

-- Hearing monthly staff reports.