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BROOKSVILLE -- Road issues and tractor trailers were discussed during Bracken County Fiscal Court Wednesday.

According to Judge-Executive Earl Bush, Jett Road, Wrangling Run Road, and Longstretch Road received some damage due to the recent flooding. Longstretch Road still had water on it Wednesday.

Bush said there were concerns with several areas of the county where roadways have slipped.

"On Grover's Run, there is a slip that's about 86 feet long," he said. "We've had someone look at it and we're going to work on getting it fixed."

Bush said the county will be applying for emergency road aid in order to repair the damage.

"The slip began before the flooding happened," he said.

According to Bush, there is also a mudslide on Lockmier Road and some slips on old Kentucky 19.

"That's one thing we fight this time of year," he said.

The magistrates also briefly discussed issues with tractor trailers driving into areas where they can not turn around and causing the roadways to become blocked.

"They ignore the signs that say 'no tractor trailers allowed' and they get stuck," Bush said. "They get a citation when it happens and insurance claims are made against the company if they damage any structures. But, something else has to be done."

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Bush said the county officials have considered larger signs, but for now, those driving the tractor trailers will be cited when the issue occurs.

Magistrates also expressed concerns about speeding along Kentucky 9. According to magistrates, it is common to see vehicles going over the speed limit.

Attorney Beth Moore said she has received copies of several citations for speeding along Kentucky 9 at her office.

"I get quite a few of them come through my office," she said.


Christy Howell-Hoots is a reporter for The Ledger Independent newspaper, covering Bracken County

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