105-year-old Mary Hanson in her Mount Olivet home.

MOUNT OLIVET -- A Robertson County women will be celebrating 105 years of life on Jan. 18.

Mary Hanson was born in 1913 in Augusta to Charlie Fields and Nori Boner Fields. She was the fifth of 12 children.

"My parents had 12 children," she said. "I was the fifth child. There was a lot to do when you had 12 children to feed and clothe."

Hanson said she and her siblings walked to school everyday.

"We went if it rained or shined," she said. "We always walked to school. My dad rarely took us, because he was always working on the tobacco or other work. We always had to go back through a muddy ridge and I would get my shoes dirty. I didn't like getting my shoes dirty."

Hanson said she did a lot of the cooking for her siblings, which often included hot biscuits.

"One of my brothers would shove the hot biscuits in his overalls, so the others wouldn't eat all of them and he could get some, too," she said. "We always cooked breakfast, dinner and supper. We didn't go out like people do today."

Hanson said there was also a lot of soup beans and potatoes cooked for the family.

"Sometimes we would have pie, too," she said.

Hanson left school in the eighth grade. She married Douglas Hanson in 1931 and had a son, Stanley, in 1932.

Stanley Hanson said his grandfather, Mary Hanson's father, never had a car at home and would often deliver items using a horse and buggy.

"That was probably around 1910," he said.

After Mary Hanson married, she became a farm wife.

During her time as a farm wife, she and her husband raised cattle, chickens, pigs and tobacco.

"Just about everything you would have on a farm," Stanley Hanson said.

According to Stanley Hanson, like her parents, Mary and Douglas Hanson always ate at home, as a family.

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"They didn't go to the grocery like people now," she said. "Even if they did buy food, they would always bring it home and eat together."

Mary, Douglas and Stanley Hanson lived in Stonewall for most of Stanley's life. In 1954, after working at Wald's Manufacturing, he joined the U.S. Army and served in Okinawa for two years.

In 1956, after returning home, he married his wife, Joyce.

Stanley Hanson said his mother lived alone for several years before she entered the Robertson County Nursing Home.

"Her husband died in 1968," he said. "I was already moved out by then, so she was alone. She stayed alone until she moved into (the Robertson County Nursing Home) in 2010. She's been here about seven years now. They take great care of her."

Stanley Hanson said his mother likes to take care of herself. She makes her own bed, gets herself ready and will organize her room.

According to Stanley Hanson, his mother's long, happy life can be attributed to attending church and never smoking or drinking.

"That's the same advice she would give to anyone who wants to do the same," he said.

The Robertson County Health Department will be hosting a birthday party for her from 2-4 p.m. on Jan. 18 at the facility.


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