FLEMINGSBURG -- The Fleming County School District is asking for input from the community, including students and business leaders before officials begin working on the 2018-19 school calendar.

Like most districts, the Fleming County School District has a committee which will put together the annual calendar. However, before doing so, the committee likes to have feedback from everyone who may be affected.

Fleming County Schools Superintendent Brian Creasman said the district asks for student feedback because the students should have a voice in something that affects their learning.

"Since I began in September 2014, we have always asked for student input, as they should have a voice in the calendar that is designed for their learning," Creasman said. "There is a strong emphasis in Fleming County Schools about empowering students to be leaders in the district and across the commonwealth. We want and value student voice in the decision-making process, especially since all decisions impact their success and preparedness."

According to Creasman, asking for input from community and business leaders is just as important.

"We also want to know how the community and businesses will be impacted by any decision the school district makes," he said. "As the community and local businesses are so supportive of the district, our schools and students, we also need to be cognoscente of the community and businesses ideas/needs as well."

Creasman said the district's goal is to have the results of the survey to the calendar committee by the week of Dec. 11.

"The goal is to present the findings to the calendar committee during the Week of Dec. 11 with the goal of possibility conducting another survey to make sure that we captured everyone’s voice, with the final calendar going to the board for approval at the January board meeting," Creasman said. "This would give the district time to begin planning for the 2018-2019 school year. The survey information will be presented to the calendar committee to draft a calendar."

Creasman said the feedback from the survey has already helped the committee to discover what stakeholders would like in terms of break schedules and other events.

"The feedback that has already been given is powerful and we already know that we have to go back and modify Christmas break, as many of the participants prefer a different Christmas break schedule," he said. "If we had not requested feedback, we would not have been able to have known about the Christmas break preference, or the other preferences that were mentioned."

The final day to provide feedback on the survey is Friday, Dec. 8 at 5 p.m.