BROOKSVILLE | Though she has been missing for 18 years, the memory of Erica Fraysure and the search that followed her disappearance in Bracken County continues.

On Oct. 21, 1997, Erica Lee Fraysure, 17, had been in Brooksville visiting with friends and was last seen around 9 p.m., driving her black, 1988 Pontiac Bonneville in town.

Fraysure was a senior at Bracken County High school who worked part-time at an area pizza restaurant and planned to attend college when she graduated.

According to police reports, her car was discovered Oct. 22, on Fronks Lane just outside of Brooksville, parked between rolls of hay, unlocked with her personal belongings inside.

The keys were later found across the road in the brush.

Fraysure was wearing white Keds sneakers, jeans and a purple sweater with white stripes across the chest and down the arms. She also wore four gold rings on her right hand, one a sapphire and diamond heart and a Winnie the Pooh watch.

An image of her wearing the sweater can be seen at

Kentucky State Police still have Fraysure's case open in the cold case investigation unit, police said on Thursday.

In the ensuing years there has been annual media attention, tips called in to police in state and local jurisdictions, and even a national attention when the case was mentioned on the Montel Williams Show with the late Sylvia Brown.

Brown, a psychic, made statements on camera and off camera which led to a local lake being searched, but nothing found.

There have also been misidentifications, as with an area woman who resembled an age enhanced image of Fraysure circulated several years ago, but is not Fraysure.

Prison inmates have made claims of knowledge about the case, which have also been investigated, police said.

From the beginning of the case, KSP investigator Chris Jaskowiak worked on the investigation, until his retirement. Now KSP Lt. Stacy May is handling the case, KSP Spokesman David Jones said.

Police also cross checked information on other missing teen cases from the same time periods.

According to Bracken County Sheriff's Detective Bob Scott, who was with KSP in 1997, he continues to review leads or tips and passes the information on to KSP.

“There is nothing new on the case,” Scott said on Thursday.

A person of interest in 1997 was Shane M. Simcox, who was seen riding in the car with Fraysure on Oct. 21, and “lawyered up” after police questioned him about her disappearance, Scott said in 2013.

In media interviews done after the disappearance, Simcox denied any involvement in the disappearance of Fraysure, who he called a friend.

Fraysure had no inclination to run away from home, family members said at the time she disappeared.

Several people with alleged information were polygraphed, yet in 2011 Fraysure's mother, Maggie Doherty, died not knowing what happened to her daughter.

Anyone with information on Erica Fraysure case should call KSP Post 6 at 859-428-1212 or Bracken County Sheriff at 606-735-3233.