Maysville City Hall

Taking measures to tighten security at city hall, Maysville City Commission approved the first reading Thursday of an ordinance prohibiting concealed carry permit holders from bringing firearms into the building.

The ordinance exempts law enforcement officers but applies to all other employees and visitors.

In another security move, visitors and officials alike were greeted with a walk-through metal detector at Thursday's meeting for the first time. City Manager Matt Wallingford said it was part of new safety precautions put in place for the facility.

And an ordinance requiring speakers during the public comment portion of city commission meetings also carries some safety implications. Speakers will be limited to three minutes and the mayor is authorized to have unruly speakers or those who refuse to leave, removed from the premises. The second reading of the ordinance was unanimously approved.

Also Thursday, commissioners approved the second reading of an ordinance establishing an Entertainment Destination Center in the downtown area.

Under the ordinance, most businesses in the district, under certain conditions, will be allowed to sell liquor by the drink and to set up mobile locations within the district. Drinks can also be taken from business to business and consumed in outside common areas, as long as police security is provided.

In other business, commissioners:

-- Recognized Lt. Justin Horch, MPD detective, who said he will retire, effective Feb. 1, after 23 years on the force. Commissioners thanked Horch for his service and he in turned thanked the city for the opportunity to serve.

-- Appointed Lori Brooksbank as a member at large for the Main Street Board.

-- Held a discussion on the street sweeper schedule. Plans are to operate the sweeper in the downtown business district in the early morning hours and during normal business hours in other areas. Streets where parking is limited to one side may be removed from the list.

-- Agreed to have Wallingford place abandoned and vacant properties which the city has liens on to post those properties on the city's website to see if there is any interest from individuals or developers.

-- Promoted a probationary firefighter to fulltime.

-- Accepted the retirement of David Lindsey from the Utility Department.

-- Approved two appointments to the Utility Department.

-- Approved a resolution that would dissolve a contract with AT&T, provided the company does not pay back overcharges and improve service to the police department and city hall.

-- Authorized Fire Cheif Kevin Doyle to submit an application to FEMA for a fire truck grant.

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-- Approved a resolution in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

-- Authorized an agreement with the Kentucky Infrastructure Authority to provide $4 million in loans for upgrades to the wastewater treatment plants. Up to $2.3 million of that is forgivable, Wallingford said.

-- Held the first reading of an ordinance establishing parking places required for new construction.

-- Held the first reading of an ordinance governing salvage yards and impound lots.

-- Approved an ordinance amending the city budget.

-- Approved reports from city departments.

Commissioners also heard from Amy Robertson who thanked first responders who provided assistance to her family during an emergency recently.

"I can't thank you enough for getting there so fast," she said. "It means so much. I am proud to be from Maysville."



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