Employees of STOBER Drives Inc. in Maysville raised over $800 for charity by simply not shaving.

“Every year for the last few years my son has told me that I have to compete in No-Shave November,” said Scott Moulas, a member of the Activities Committee at STOBER. “I said ‘What do you win?’ and he said, ‘You don’t win anything, it’s just to signify that you respect people who have cancer.’”

Moulas said he figured that if he was going to do it, why not make it a competition?

“People can put their votes in and, even though it’s judged, the person with the most votes, STOBER will throw them a pizza party,” Moulas said.

The 12 contestants were clean-shaven on Nov. 1.

“STOBER’s also matching the money we received,” Moulas said. “Right now we’re up to $416. So $832 dollars is going to be donated to the cancer charity the winner chooses.”

Moulas said the contest has been fun as well as charitable.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve ever grown a beard,” Moulas said. “Yesterday it was all grey so last night I went to Lexington and my daughter’s friend dyed it for me kind of as a joke to see if it would look thicker.”

Contestants were judged on beard length and who had cultivated the best beard. In the end, third place was Kenny Benedict, second was Jacob Heller and first place went to the beard of Nathan May.

“I’m just going to get a list of them (charities) and think about it,” May said when asked which charity he wanted the money to be donated to.

May said he didn’t expect to win and that this is the longest his beard has ever been.

“I trim it a lot,” May said. “It’s usually just a little bit of one.”

May said that his beard will be getting a trim tomorrow. Moulas, however, won’t be so lucky and will end the month the way he began -- clean shaven.

“My wife hates it. I had to get a stipulation from her that I could grow it through November but I had to shave it all off today,” Moulas said.