The Christmas tree on the Second Street Mall in downtown Maysville is decorated with ornaments from local students.

More than 60 students from three Straub Elementary School kindergarten classes placed ornaments on the tree Thursday. Each ornament was handmade by the children.

Kindergarten teacher Allison Pollitt said the idea for the students to put the ornaments on the tree came from Public Works Street Superintendent Dennis Truesdell.

"He contacted us about putting the ornaments on the tree," Pollitt said. "He knew they couldn't handle 200 ornaments from every student, so three of us, who have a common planning period, came together and had our students create the ornaments. There are 67 students with ornaments."

The ornaments the students created included reindeer, Popsicle sticks, snowmen and candy cane beaded ornaments.

"It took them about an hour and we made them (Wednesday)," Pollitt said. "They were so excited. They came in this morning and wanted to leave right then. It was a really good experience for them."

Landyn White and Hazeleigh Lewis both made reindeer ornaments for the tree.

"I made Rudolph," Landyn said. "I thought it was good and I had fun."

Hazeleigh said she had fun, as well.

"I thought it was good and fun," she said. "I made a Rudolph, too."

The other classrooms involved in the tree decorating were Renee Faris and Amy Conley's students.

Truesdell said he was pleased to see the students coming together to put the ornaments on the tree.

"I want to involve the community and our local schools," he said. "It's a blessing. This makes Christmas that much better. The Public Works Department and the city of Maysville appreciate it. This was something we had and I called a friend at the school and they made it happen. The more decorations on the Christmas tree, the better. These children will remember this."

Main Street Director Caroline Reece was also on the mall Thursday to see the children placing the ornaments.

According to Reece, one of the reasons the students were asked to decorated the tree was the need for more decorations.

"We have this tree and there is the Carlson tree," she said. "The city has been partnering with Carlson for the Christmas market. We realized that we could use some more decorations because we now have two to decorate. The children were very eager to help."

Another reason for having the students decorating the tree was to get them involved in the community at an early age.

"The kids were excited to come participate," she said. "Part of our goal is to get people downtown, who may have never been down here and some of these kids may have never been downtown before. This idea came from (Truesdell). He started the ball rolling. I think it shows how Public Works is proud of the work they do here. Downtown really looks beautiful, especially during Christmas and I'm really proud of the work they do as well."