Brittany Stykes


GEORGETOWN, Ohio – The reward for information on the murder of Brittany Stykes and her unborn child has increased to $20,000, according to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office.

The reward was increased thanks to two anonymous donations from citizens of Brown County, the office said. Each individual pledged $5,000, doubling the previous reward offered.

Stykes and her unborn child were murdered on Aug. 28, 2013, on U.S. 68 south of Georgetown, Ohio. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Stykes’ other daughter was in the vehicle and was injured at the time of the attack.

Stykes was 22 when she was shot in 2013. She was shot in the neck and chest, with the chest injury being the fatal injury, according to a 2013 autopsy. Her 15-month-old daughter suffered a head injury in the incident, causing the toddler to endure multiple medical procedures. Stykes was pronounced dead at the scene.

The incident launched an extensive investigation by local law enforcement. According to deputies with the sheriff’s office, the investigation has included interviews, follow-ups on tips, traffic stops in the area of the incident and warrant searches.

Stykes’ husband, Shane Stykes, passed a polygraph test and was eliminated from the suspect list shortly after the murder.

Police alleged on a few occasions throughout the case that they felt information was out there that was being withheld for one reason or another.

“The big problem is that we feel there are people we know are refusing to talk to us.,” said Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy at the time John Schadle. “They are not guilty of anything, but could give us some information that could help put the pieces together and won't do it.”

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Another deputy, Carl Smith said in 2015 that if “people would do the right thing” the office could take care of the case in a day.

In September of 2015, a warrant was issued in Pendleton County, in connection with the case. Documents from the search revealed a debt and sending a message in what may have been a $20,000 contracted murder of “Brit” for a debt of her “old man.”

According to the documents, a female witness told detectives she was with her ex-boyfriend when he allegedly "murdered a female in Brown County, Ohio," and had killed others in the past. An arrest has not been made in connection with this warrant.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office, Prosecutor’s Office, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the CrimeStopper program all met for a strategy meeting in January. They said that the case was not cold -- it was, in fact, the opposite. They said it was the main focus for each of their agencies.

The sheriff’s office encourages anyone with information regarding the attack that resulted in the death of Stykes and her unborn child to contact the CrimeStoppers tip-line at 513-352-3040 or the sheriff’s office at 937-378-4435.


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