Taylor Elementary School students show off aluminum tabs they have collected for the Ronald McDonald House.

BROOKSVILLE -- A group of Taylor Elementary School students is continuing a yearly tradition of collecting aluminum tabs for the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati.

Taylor Elementary School Student Council Adviser Melissa Irish said the student council began the project about three years ago. She learned the Ronald McDonald House held a competition with school districts relating to the collecting of the aluminum tabs. The school district to collect the most would win a prize, so she decided to get TES involved.

"It's such a great event," she said. "We collect from April to April and at the end of the year, they're delivered to the Ronald McDonald House to help raise money for their programs."

According to TES student Ella Sharp, the Ronald McDonald House can get $15,000 from collecting the tabs the students take to them.

Irish said she believes the winning school gets a visit from Ronald McDonald.

Last year, TES came in second place.

"This year, we plan to win," she said. "We won second place last year and that's going up against the large Cincinnati schools, too."

According to Irish, the students collected 381 pounds last year. So far, this year, they have collected 278 pounds.

The students were excited to be taking part in the fund-raiser.

Student Alley Barnett said she enjoys collecting the tabs for such a good cause.

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"It's good to have the feeling of wanting to help others," she said. "We're helping kids in need and that's important."

Irish said anyone interested in donating tabs to the school, can do so by visiting the front office or by calling the school.

"We can pick up if we need to," she said.

"My church saves pop tabs to donate and bring in," fifth-grader Mason Yelton said.

Bailey Wilson said everyone is encouraged to help out.

"We're asking everyone to bring in the tabs," she said. "Churches families, everyone."


Christy Howell-Hoots is a reporter for The Ledger Independent newspaper, covering Bracken County

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