GEORGETOWN, Ohio – Three people were sentenced in Brown County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday, Nov. 8.

Bryan Wade Arthur was sentenced to 24 months confinement in the Ohio Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to fourth-degree felony operating a vehicle impaired. The first 60 days of his confinement are mandatory.

Arthur was indicted on the charge on Oct. 5 on the above count.

Along with his prison sentence, Arthur will have his license suspended for three years to life with no driving privileges for the first three years. According to the court, if limited privileges are granted, Guardian Interlock and restricted plates will be required.

According to the court, judicial release into the STAR program will be considered at an appropriate time. Post-release control of three years is optional for Arthur upon his release from prison.

Kaitlyn H. Closser was sentenced to 11 months in the Ohio Department of Corrections for violation of community control.

Closser was sentenced to community control of one year on Oct. 7, 2015, for fifth-degree felony possession of Cocaine. That order was later extended to two years.

Post-release control is available for Closser for three years.

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Tate Alexander Behymer was sentenced to two years of community control after pleading guilty to fifth-degree felonies trafficking in cocaine and trafficking in marijuana.

Behymer was indicted on Oct. 5 for the above counts as well as one count of fifth-degree felony possession of cocaine.

Behymer will be under the supervision of the Adult Probation Department and has been ordered to pay restitution to the Georgetown Police Department.


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