Mayor Matt Ginn
Joshua Sammons, Ledger Independent

VANCEBURG – City council met Monday to discuss resolutions, hear from the public and talk briefly about Vanceburg's budget.

Mayor Matt Ginn said council members have been meeting with him individually and coming up with ideas for the budget since the last meeting.

The old shoe factory that is being torn down was discussed and what the area would be used for after the demolition is complete.

According to Ginn, the property will likely be used for a community building or something to give back to the community, such as a park or YMCA. Ginn also said that absolutely nothing is set in stone and the future of the property is still up in the air. Ginn hopes to entertain as many ideas as possible that will be voted on at a later date by council.

The manager of an apartment complex outside the Vanceburg city limits raised concerns as to why city payroll taxes were being taken out of their wages if the business is not located within city limits. She said several employees have the taxes taken out of their paychecks for a significant period of time, one individual had it happening to him for 11 years.

Ginn said the city is not receiving the tax money and that she should speak with the company to see if officials have a record of where the money has gone.

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The manager said she was fine with paying the taxes if they would be able to get city services like law enforcement to help patrol the area or help when trouble arises, but Ginn said she was out of the city limits and where they weren’t receiving the taxes, there was nothing to be done.

A grant for the Vanceburg Volunteer Fire Department is in the works to acquire new equipment. The VFD has been requesting assistance for nearly two years but the funds haven’t been available until recently.

Council approved a resolution to allow Ginn to act as the correspondent who submits applications and handles information regarding the Homeland Security funds in respect to KOHS standards. The money is eligible for spending on the VFD as well as other city agencies like law enforcement.

Council also passed a resolution for the wastewater treatment plant project. The resolution was to take the three or four current plants and replace them with one. The majority of the plants are nearly 40-50 years old and have outlived their life expectancy.


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