FLEMINGSBURG -- A violent intruder response training class will be held at the Flemingsburg Baptist Church Thursday evening.

Flemingsburg Police Chief Brian Bowling said the class has been tailored to a church setting and will teach people what to do if a violent intruder were to enter the church building.

"It's not just about a person carrying a gun," he said. "We'll go over what to do if a person enters the building with a weapon, but I'll also be discussing other violent behaviors and what to do."

Bowling said the presentation comes from a program that was built around responding to active shooter situations in a school building.

"I'm a retired trooper," he said. "We started active shooter response training about six years ago with the (Kentucky State Police). After my retirement from the KSP, I became the police chief in Flemingsburg and I've had several people contact me about doing some training. We've held this training for the Rotary and the hospital. The program, which was built for a school building has been tailored for other situations."

Bowling said, after a shooting at a Texas church, the pastor of the Flemingsburg Baptist Church contacted him about holding a training for the public on what to do in a church setting.

"Normally, what we'll do in a school setting, is we would fire off blank rounds and have the teachers respond to it, but I don't feel comfortable doing that in a church, so we're going to do a talk through. I will give them scenarios and have them tell me how they would respond."

Bowling said he will also discuss conceal carry policies for the church and setting up a plan if the congregation was to allow conceal carry by congregants.

The lesson will also consist of Bowling teaching participants the difference between a mass shooting and an active shooter.

"My information is based off a study by the FBI," he said. "There is a difference between active shooters and mass shooters. The definition of a mass shooting depends on several factors and can vary based on the reports. I want people to know the real information about a mass shooting and an active shooter."

Bowling said the training is open to the public and free for everyone.

The presentation will begin at 7 p.m. and last for roughly an hour and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions afterward.