Dear editor,

Many households on a chilly night in November were faced with a multitude of different reactions. From complete shock, broken hearts, celebratory drinks, or a mixture of both that created a level of chaos that no one thought was a reality.

What could I be talking about? The presidential election.

But what is the true point? Do you think that convincing that one person makes a difference in the grand scheme of things? What happens if you stop right at that moment you are arguing your side and realize that you are shaving the other person down to either choose a giant greedy ego-fueled hunk of mashed potatoes or someone who has been caught doing illegal activities.

Because, that is what you are doing at the end of the day.

We must pick one. I get that. But do we have to be happy about it? No, we do not.

But at the end of the day, you definitely don’t want to be made an example of and let it affect many other people in a snowball by chain of command.

Frankly, I avoid the newspaper for my own reasons. But when I see a column about how the Comment Line really isn’t a vital part to a newspaper, I feel very safe that anything I write will be interesting compared to slander.

And I quote: “The Comment Line is anonymous so there is no way on God’s green earth I can respect anything you have to say there.”

I quoted this directly, out of shock. You are clearly very bold. And generally this impresses me. But in this case, I know your brazen statements come from a place of shock value. It has to be in my opinion as a logical start to a column involving something as serious and concerning as our president and the future of our country isn’t really left up to your display of smugness.

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It wasn’t good enough to be smug, it wasn’t good enough to use the word “God,” it wasn’t enough to openly admit to laughing at the other side of the argument when a majority of them clearly voted.

Do I think you had some good points? Doesn't matter anymore, as I honestly forgot them while you took me somewhere unrelated in a tasteless fashion. Better yet, you gave up your journalistic value when you cited Google as your source. You do have the AP at your fingertips as well. Didn't know if you knew. This is me trying not to stoop to your level in an equally tasteless fashion.

I bid good luck to you, writer, I bid good luck to the next few months of your life until the Comment Line you hate so much stops calling just for you. Which is maybe what you wanted really at the end of the day.

I also bid good luck to the ever unsurprising Ledger Indecent for once again showing that there is no point to be neutral when you can get people like me entertained enough to speak out.

James Robertson



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