For most kids, summer break can't come soon enough. Family fun, vacation, warm nights under the stars and sleeping in are all eagerly anticipated as school dismisses until August.

But for some students, summer break means a break from at least one assured meal each day. And while it may not be a lot of kids, one food insecure child is one too many.

Enter the summer lunch program. For many years it has been a bright spot for families with insecure food sources in the area, served up each day by the Housing Authority of Maysville at Camp Discovery, vacation Bible schools and other locations and in Augusta at the school cafeteria.

Earlier this week we learned that the Augusta Independent School District, like many school districts, is facing some tough financial decisions and in order to cut expenses will not be offering the program this summer, meaning those children who may have counted on the program for their primary meal of the day would have to look elsewhere.

That's when Michelle Moss, with the Housing Authority of Maysville, read the story and decided she and her agency could help. She contacted AIS Superintendent Lisa McCane and offered to add the school to sites it serves with its summer feeding program.

McCane said the offer "sounded too good to be true," but when she learned it was she didn't hesitate to say yes. 

The offer turned what had been a disappointment into a blessing, McCane said.

Moss said the program added AIS because it was the right thing to do.

"As soon as we heard about it, we knew we could help," Moss said.

Now, beginning on May 30 and going through Aug. 4,  kids can go to the AIS Cafeteria from 11 a.m.-noon each day and find that hot meal they may have otherwise missed.

When there is so much dividing so many of us today how refreshing to see one local community reach out to another to help. That, in our opinion, deserves a big "thank you" and a giant "thumbs up" to both for working together to make summer a little brighter and fuller for Augusta's kids.