Dear editor,

Governor Bevin is trying to correct the corruption and wasteful spending that put Kentucky's economy near the bottom over the past several years. He is accomplishing exactly what he promised the electorate he would. It's a breath of fresh air to have a public servant who actually serves the people he leads.

Speaker Greg Stumbo, on the other hand, continues the destructive path the Commonwealth has been following for so long. The lawsuits filed by career politicians like Greg Stumbo are merely a cry for help holding on to that status quo.

One example is the lawsuit against the line item veto of two sections of this year's Budget Bill. These sections would have facilitated school districts and local governments into hiding financial statements from view of taxpayers. There is no reason that such secrecy would ever be acceptable.

Candidate Bevin promised transparency in government. Governor Bevin is doing that.

We owe Gov. Bevin a huge thank you for putting the best interests of Kentucky ahead of special interest groups.

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We can help him by sending legislators to Frankfort who are concerned about the citizens and future of Kentucky; not keeping themselves and their cronies in power. Greg Stumbo must go as Speaker of the House. The only way to do this is to Flip the Kentucky House.

Consider the larger picture. Consider the future of our Commonwealth.

Theresa Rinehart



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