Dear editor,

Maysville will experience a great loss today as Joe Purdon retires from his position as manager of Standard Quick Print and Office Supplies. Joe has been with the company since 1983, and has been manager since 1996, taking over for his father upon his passing.

To say that Standard Quick Print has been an enormous part of his life would be an understatement and to say that he has been important in the fabric of the community of Maysville would be an even bigger understatement.

As Joe’s daughter, I know first-hand the blood, sweat and tears he has put into his work over the years, and I have seen how the community and its businesses have benefitted. When I was growing up and living at home, it was common if not expected that my dad was gone to work before I got up in the morning and hadn’t come home yet in the evenings by the time I went to bed. When he did get home before my bedtime, he always brought work home with him and often he and I would sit in the middle of the floor together and collate someone’s job or put labels on a mail piece.

His work was his life, and even though I was technically working as well, I relished those times because I got to spend time with him doing his life’s work and fulfillment.

As a teenager, he gave me my first job working on his bills and in the front room helping customers. He taught me hard work and made me the workaholic I am today for better or worse (I think for better).

He taught me responsibility and encouraged perfectionism in my work, something his customers have long benefitted from in his own work. I would venture to say there has not been a business in Maysville in the past 30 years that hasn’t had some dealings with my father and with Standard Quick Print and hasn’t been ultimately satisfied and happy with the outcome of that transaction. He has long strived to work against time and the odds to produce a good product.

My father has sacrificed a lot to be the businessman he is today, and I am proud and excited for him as he gets to take this next step of more leisure in his life and get to spend more time with my mom and my family and especially his granddaughter.

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I know he’ll miss his work though. Standard Quick Print has been his life as much as my mom and I have throughout the years. He’ll miss his customers, and he’ll miss the deadlines and the stress because while he may not admit it, he thrives on it.

But I think there are many in Maysville who would agree with me that his retirement is well-deserved. Please, if you have time in your day today, stop by and wish him well on his last day.

Jennifer Purdon Turnbow

Nashville, Tenn.


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