Dear editor,

Finally, debates and conventions are over. It’s time for the real show to begin and you are the star!

You have developed some thoughts, but I would like to suggest that we focus on what has been done, not what has been said as well as the platform that the candidates have put forth.

It really boils down to this script:

Do you want the following picture?

Your health insurance to become a government-based plan like the VA or Medicare. Supreme Court justices appointed that will follow the course of taking away our Second Amendment rights (that will be done through ammo sales).

Continue to take away “In God We Trust” and provide all benefits to all the masses that will be allowed to come into our country with no filters.

Support abortions, at any time, for any reason.

Put all coal companies out of business and add free college education to our debt list. Those are all voiced platforms – not political satire.

Lastly, and the most important, there has been a direct attack on Christians – Catholics in particular. A belief in our Creator is being slowly erased from our society by political means.

Combined with the stance on abortions, I am convinced this is a “Judas” moment. Are you going to be a present-day Judas?

One candidate has placed this as her platform.

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Regardless of his ego/loud mouth and saying the wrong thing, he is against all of the above.

You can go and vote. Nobody (on earth) is watching and follow your heart.

You can then “tell” people you went a certain way because of party.

It really is that simple.

David Doyle



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