“There is nothing more constant than change”—Heraclitus 535 B.C.

Few phrases have in all irony stayed as relevant as that one statement to me. The true fear of the society we live in isn’t as much the reality of your choices, but how they transpire.

Personally, I am not that old but old enough to remember a time when we weren’t given as many choices as quickly. The fast-paced, quick-reaction lifestyle has given a lesser appreciation for humanity and almost a void of true happiness.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr have developed a way to express empathy for others that can’t be taken at face value, as face value is reserved for only the close people in your life which in turn makes devolves even the face value reactions.

The easy button is on everything, we press it whenever possible even when hard work is required in a particular situation.

I see this all the time. Natural disasters, school shootings, assassinations, negative press in general lasts in minds and hearts for milliseconds before something else takes it over. Social media rehashes and reposts things over and over until it’s a miserable experience followed by rehashing of the agony of those re-hashings then shared, followed, and liked to death.

Why did I feel compelled to write about this? Why take that time and effort mentally to sit down, and produce this letter to the people who may read it?

There really isn’t a major reason; more of a concern. Where are we going next as a society? Where does this all end?

Server farms, phone networks, and software play a critical role to a point that is dangerous to humankind.

Don’t believe me? Wait for something to happen in the press that is major and count the time it takes for it to vanish. Even if it is something that really requires personal reflection.

2017 is coming quite quickly. This new year brings a new president, new issues, and potential terror. If you take anything away from this, you should try a new approach. Take a long hiatus from social media. Find new recreational activities, find new music from local artists, find indie films that may or may not have a following, and re-learn how to talk to people again.

Truly talk to people. And when you have to wait for something that normally takes seconds? Find that patience you may have had prior to all of this. Grow as people and stop letting all of these companies take money from you without you knowing it.

These companies love you for viewing their ads and reacting to them to like for example on YouTube where you answer a question to see the video faster.

They just made money for market research that probably doesn’t have your best interest involved.

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Better yet, Snapchat on phones uses face swaps that are related to ads and can map your facial structure. Do you think this information is thrown out?

Whether you do take a break or don’t, just stay wary of how this all can go. It’s all things that can be clearly seen if you dig deeper or know what to look for.

Everyone in this community has potential, talent, and a real life. Live free from a void. Grow as people. And change lives around you.

Happy holidays,

James Robertson

AfterDark Productions



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