Dear editor,

I just moved to my wife’s home town (Maysville) from the Queen City, and we are going to spend the rest of our days here. I have been coming here for over 20 years, so I am happy we have made this choice.

I wanted to respond to Bob Hendrickson’s column.

I will admit I am on the train, but I want to explain why.

My first vote was in the Nixon election, so I go back a few years. I know before, but certainly from then until now we (as a country) have been playing a terrible game of political football. The team that has the ball is ridiculed by the other team. Both sides dig in and rarely does anything positive get done.

It has gotten uglier in the past 20 years, and the last three elections have been pure heck. During those elections, we have yelled from the mountaintop: “This is the most important election of our time.”

This statement was never truer than now.

The point: “If I continue to do what I have been doing, I will continue to get what I have been getting.”

If we elect a political person, we will continue to get what we have been getting, and Ms. Clinton is the poster child for “political.”

Regardless of your political leanings:

Did we send help to four Americans dying in Bengazi?

Regardless of which side of the fence you are on, the answer has to be:

We watched, and we did not act. Our president and our secretary of state chose not to send in a reasonable response and watched our citizens perish. We even chose to mask the reason for this happening.

That fact alone tells me what choice I have to make.

This candidate told Congress one thing (under oath I believe) and then the FBI (not under oath) something else.

That alone tells me what to do.

I can speak from knowledge about another issue because it is the industry I have been in for 37 years. There is a single piece of legislation that will bring this country to its financial knees within the next 24-36 months.

The Affordable Health Care Act.

The rates and therefore the amount of subsidies that will be paid by the government on behalf of those getting mandatory insurance is going to be staggering.

In Ohio, when the law was enacted (without support), there were 28 months between the time the president wanted coverage to begin for the needy and when the full mandated law took effect. So, each state had to develop a high risk pool to bridge that 28-month gap.

In our state, the actuaries from the company handling the pool predicted that the state would run out of money for the program in 18 months because claims would exceed the premium coming in.

The good news is they were wrong. The bad news: they missed it by 30 days.

When the program started, I predicted the “train wreck” would occur in 2016. By train wreck I mean sky high rates, people not being able to cope, and our government not being able to cover the subsidies. By allowing this initial delay in slow registration to occur – they put off the train wreck until after the election. This single piece of legislation will force us to look like Greece.

So, what do we do?

Let’s bring somebody in who will “kick over the tables.”

When was the last time we had a president who built a company – hiring people with his/her own money and making it grow and prosper?

When was the last time we had a president who had children we could look at with pride – each child – no exceptions.

When was the last time we had a candidate get over 15 million votes in primaries?

Do I care what is in his tax return? No!

Does he say things that I wish he would not?

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But most of the time, it’s things a large segment of our neighbors are saying.

Do we wonder what will he say to somebody like Putin?


He will be his ego driven self and will tell Putin the next time his jets buzz one of our ships, we will drive those jets up his %$#.

The difference this time: I think Putin will actually think: “This guy is crazy enough to do it!” I am not sure that is bad thing.

I believe we would see the best team of cabinet members we have seen at least in my lifetime if we make this switch.

We need to protect our borders. We need to take individuals here illegally, and send them home.

It’s time we hire someone who actually knows how to make money. If we don’t, as a country, begin making money, we will default on our debt.

It’s time we get some pride back in our country – with our veterans and our first responders.

It’s time we don’t apologize for singing “God Bless America.”

I truly believe there is only one candidate that we can have hope that any of those things will come to pass, and I really don’t need to wait for a convention to figure that out.

David Doyle



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