Dear editor,

Your editorial claim "Voter fraud claims are absurd," which was reprinted in the Oct. 17, issue of The Ledger Independent, is absurd.

Every journalism student since 2006, should have been taught, or at least have read the book "Deliver the Vote: A History of Election Frauds in American Political Tradition - 1742-2004."

The author is Prof. Tracy Campbell (Ph.D.) who teaches U.S. social and political history at the University of Kentucky. The Amazon page listed 11 other books about election fraud and only one said it was a myth.

It is widely accepted that Lyndon Johnson won his Senate seat by fraud, earning him the nickname among cronies, "Landslide Lyndon."

Senator Franken in Minnesota almost certainly won his seat the same way. It is near certain that JFK beat Nixon in 1960, by fraud in Illinois, and Nixon chose not to challenge it for fear of creating divisiveness in the country. Gore had no such scruples in 2000, although the fraud was on his side.

The serious crooks need crooks in power to protect and enrich themselves, and they will do anything to win. The folks who want honest government need the power to control the crooks. They should check the ballot box for Trump, whether they like him or not.

There is an old saying in Kentucky, "Any person who will not help a dead buddy vote is just not a good Democrat."

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William H. Rees



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